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Ganja Seeds

Ganja Seeds Marijuana Seeds

This company is a seedbank that carry marijuana seeds from top-rated breeders in Europe and other paerts of the world. Some of the breeders whose cannabis seeds they sell are Black label Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Bulldog Seeds, Cropiu Canna Seeds, and Delta 9 Labs Seeds. When it comes to weed seed strains they have everything under one roof as they carry most varieties like feminized seeds, regular seeds, and cannabis cup winners. Strains like 8-Ball Kush from Barney’s Farm, Golden Grapefruit from Cropi Canna Seeds, and Brainstrom X G13 from Delta 9 Labs are just some of the excellent Ganja Seeds for sale that they have for both beginners and experts in terms of marijuana seeds.

The company deliver marijuana seeds worldwide and more particularly in Ukraine, Russia, and CIS countries. With regards to other countries, they advice that the local laws be checked first to make sure that the weed seeds will have no problem arriving to the designated location. Ganja seeds accepts as payment methods Web Money, major credit cards, Privat Money, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream and other payment methods according to their availability.

Ganja Seeds

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One Review to Ganja Seeds

  1. Kevin says:
  2. This is the seedbank where I got my Bodhi seeds tigers Milk before and when I went back the following season it’s no longer available from them.  I liked buying from them because they will really try to make good in their promise of delivering your marijuana seeds.  The price is also reasonable as compared to other popular seedbanks.

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