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G 13 Labs

G13 LABS Marijuana Seeds

G13 Labs is another group whose marijuana seed breeding and seed sales are steeped in old school marijuana growers and breeders. G13 is based out of Northern UK, and has been around since the 80’s, again, right at the start of the explosion of the marijuana seed industry. G13 refers to a mythical and supposedly astronomically strong weed that was grown by some government somewhere, but as we indicated before, that is sort of marijuana urban legend stuff. They started out as a ganja seed collective, and slowly branched into online and mail order pot seed sales. They carry feminized and auto-flowering strains, and accept most credit cards as payment.

Their strains are considered uniformly medical quality, (re: very high THC and CBC counts) and consistently win or place well in Cannabis cups and high times cups. All of their seed strains are available through the Attitude Seed Bank.

G 13 Labs
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4 Reviews to G 13 Labs

  1. Dro says:
  2. G13 labs  isn’t worth the time growing or money. You get what you pay for them Truest subpar genetics. Blueber gun, sour jack, and Pineapple Express were all garbage. Either low quality finished product or mutated hermie garbage. If your looking for some comparable prices go to bomb seeds of nirvana at least you can find a keeper. Freebies from the attitude are also worth throwing away than using quality soil. 

  3. hash hound says:
  4. grew their Pineapple Express and it was A+

  5. pissed off says:
  6. ther as bad if not worse than barnys or greenhouse seeds ther seeds grow non potent cannbis  never had a problem with other companys genetics stay away from g13 labs ther weed isnt weed its terrible ther scumbags.

  7. bishnu says:
  8. I was wondering when somebody would cross the White Widow with a Blueberry, surprise, surprise; G13 had done it quite some time ago. G13 has an excellent rep, and I could not wait to try these out. Turns out if I had waited ten years, it would have been worth every day. DAMN! I was so high I just sat in the kitchen with my husband for an about two hours grinning like a madwoman at nothing in particular.  Good producer, great ganja, thanks G13!

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