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Freedom of Seeds

Freedom of Marijuana Seeds

This company is a seedbank and they are associated with some of the most credible marijuana seed breeders in the world like TGA Subcool Seeds, Dutch Passion, Serious Seeds, Soma Seeds, and Flying Dutchmen among many other reputable breeders. They also have their own weed seed brand and some of which are Freedom of Seeds Chunky Skunk, Blue Angel, Goldberry Regular and hash Lover pot seeds. They have a complete line of weed seed varieties like auto-flowering, feminized and regular pot seeds to choose from.

Freedom of Seeds marijuana seeds are shipped worldwide and the company accepts Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Amex, and Maestro. They follow strict and discreet delivery method to ensure the safety of the pot seeds and its arrival to its destination. Stealth shipping method is also available aside from the usual discreet approach. As of now, there are no Freedom of Seeds discount codes and shipping discounts. The company maintains very reasonable and cheap marijuana seed prices making them competitive with other seedbanks.

Freedom of Seeds

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44 Reviews to Freedom of Seeds

  1. Custom avatar
    Brad says:
  2. Just recieved my package of seeds from freedom of seeds. Very good costumer service and prompt responses to my emails not to mention the cornucopia of freebies added to my order. Definitely would use this company again in the future .

  3. Custom avatar
    Joe Oyer says:
  4. I am from the USA and ordered seeds and did not know it said on their site they don’t deliver to the USA. I sent them an email when I seen that on their website a few days later… and I emailed them and they told me my order has been shipped! Amazing! They are a really great company to order from and they really do care about their customers. 5 stars!

  5. Custom avatar
    Colaboywonda says:
  6. man completely speechless. freedom of seeds has literally turned my life & career around. everyone who i’ve let try product from which ive harvested from fos can’t even believe i grew it! well i did but got to give the credit to the strains from freedom of seeds! im on my 3rd regen for iced grapefruit which is the best ive smoked in a very long time i honestly dont know if theres a stronger strain i meen im sure there is but you know what i meen! and then berry bomb???? oohhh myyyy you have no idea how beautiful that berry bomb taste like blue berry og kush or some nice! & ice bomb like a white rhino/white widdow beautiful taste & aroma, mighty grape was a free seed that i also have on its 3rd regen stage i didnt clone not once & still have them thriving producing more as they grow over again! & then red purps! ohhh red purps is completely red with lime green throughout it honestly appearance is best hands down but i only smoke this on special occasions you know xmas, birthday (mine), maybe my brothers’ lol, new years, easter, Jesus’ real birthday, my anniversary lol sorry you get the point! hands down FREEDOM OF SEEDS IS THE BEST SEED COMPANY BY FAR!!!!! NO JUST SAYING THAT. NOW LET ME GO ABOUT TO order raspberry cough hopefully they carry them feminized! 

  7. Custom avatar
    31337 says:
  8. I think I would reconsider before ordering from freedom. 18 days still no arrival  estimated time was 7-10 days package tracking is extremely unreliable customer will respond with open ended answers. I was pretty disappointed with the whole situation there’s not even a lot of current reviews 

  9. Custom avatar
    MilitaryMindedG says:
  10. you guys give excellent customer service respond to all my emails making me feel very confident & assuring you care about our orders! Its deeply appreciated! An my first order was the only bad order I ever got but I told them and on my next order it was made up for tremendously! Yall guys are awesome thanks so much and keep up the great work! Best regards sprout.

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