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Flying Dutchmen

Flying Dutchmen Marijuana Seeds

Another one of Amsterdam’s oldest and finest, The Flying Dutchman marijuana Seed Company and seed breeders have been around since the 80’s and have always had excellent strains and marijuana genetics. They are an online site with plenty of choices; they also carry marijuana seed lines from several other companies that they believe to be of the highest quality. They accept multiple forms of payment, and if they will not ship to your country, they can be found at the Attitude seed bank, who ships everywhere.

The Flying Dutchman have superior ganja strains and seeds, feminized and regular seeds, and some auto-flowering strains, and many of the originals they created are the basis for all of the new breeders in the marijuana business. Serious marijuana seed stability from the Flying Dutchman Seeds is a cornerstone of their genetics. Some of the pot seeds under the name of this breeder are Skunk No.1, Afghanica, Temple Haze, Amsterdam Mist, White Widow Feminized, and Power Skunk to name just a few. Flying Dutchmen reviews are mostly thumbs-up signs for the company’s excellent weed seed genetics and their experience and expertise really shows in their marijuana seeds. Aside from being retailer of their own cannabis seeds, they also serve as a seedbank for the pot seeds of other breeders like Dutch Passion, White Label, Greenhouse, High Quality Seeds, and Serious Seeds. They sell marijuana seeds in euro dollars and ship them using discreet and stealth methods that not just protect the seeds but also prevent others from recognizing what’s in the package.

Flying Dutchman
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2 Reviews to Flying Dutchmen

  1. mike says:
  2. Bought Haleys Comet seeds for outdoor growing in New Zealand. I found them to be an excellent strain. Healthy, hardy plants with a lovely up and energetic high. Early floweringis also a bonus. Quality strain.

  3. bishnu says:
  4. EarlyDurbanform the Flying Dutchman Seeds is the best outdoor strain I have ever grown. The plants were of medium height, they flowered quickly, in about two months as opposed to three, and the stone was incredible. I am a commercial grower, and Early Durban is a must for the commercially minded pot grower. Predominantly Sativa, and slightly hazy, she’ll knock you off of your feet in no time flat.

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