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Eva Seeds

Eva Marijuana Seeds

Eva Seeds or Eva Female Seeds are a marijuana seed breeding company that has a website based out of Spain. Their website offers limited selling and shipping, but Eva seeds are available at the Attitude Seed Bank, and They offer only feminized seeds at this time, with a concentration on Indicas and Sativas. Quite new to the field, they have a reputation for breeding good strains. MasterCard and Visa, checks and direct deposits are all available forms of payment, shipping worldwide available and multiple forms of stealth shipping can be obtained.

Eva Female Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: Spain
  • Phone #: 93 448 53 82
  • Email:
  • Address: Eva Seeds
    C / de les Corts Travesera 48 08903
    Barcelona (Spain)
  • Payment Accepted:
  • Shipping:
  • Eva Strains:
    African Free
    High Level
    Jamaican Dream
    Papas Candy
    Pink Plant
    TNT Kush
    White Dragon
  • Retailers:
    Spain Dealers
    Yervaguena Growshop
    Retail higher in Spain

    Distributors Italy
    Retail more in Italy

    Swiss Dealers
    Retail Major in Switzerland

    UK distributors
    for sale to major in UK

    Grow Shops in Swiss
    retail sales in Switzerland

    Grow Shops Italian
    retail sales in Italy


    UK Shops Grow
    in UK retail sales

    Growshops Spain
    Alava , Albacete , Alicante
    in Spain the lowest Vental

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3 Reviews to Eva Seeds

  1. SSSS says:
  2. Total disappointment!!!
    I ordered African Free (3 seeds).
    1. the plants have genetic problems (shape of leaves, the plant itself)
    2.slowly frowing
    3. shows lots of problems – necroses, lack of elements etc. Other strains in the same conditions show perfect results.
    4. small buds
    5. average effect
    Eva Seeds – shit! This is not only my opinion..

  3. Freebies says:
  4. got a few freebies from these guys a monster and a pink, the pink hemied super early in its flowering with absoloutley no light leak.(I MEAN ABSOLOUTLEY NO LIGHT LEAK I WAS PISSED) The moster did not display the potential described by the company, dense but small buds even uner 600 watt hps

  5. John says:
  6. I ordered this plant because of the cross between the Laotian and Pakistani variants. Incredible girls, VERY STRONG Sativa effects, truly an excellent blend of exotic Landraces, with a tiny bit of stabilized Indica tossed in. definitely medical grade, if even a little bit intense for that.

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