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DutchSeedsBank Marijuana Seeds

To supply the world of cannabis marijuana lovers with the best genetics of dutch breeders and growers, all located in and around Amsterdam. We know it’s hard to find good quality seed genetics, but you have come to the right place to get our best crossings from our long term selections! A seed strain won’t come on our list till it’s well tested and approved by us. We keep on developing our strains, so come back to check out our newest kinds of cannabis. We say: “Good seed genetics shows”
Ship marijuana seeds worldwide using regular discreet methods where weed seeds are protected from damage and suspicion and also by stealth means where more secure shipment is applied to ensure that the buyer will have lesser worries. Dutchseedsbank offers secure payment by means of SSL. They accept credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer.

Dutch Seedsbank

  • Website :
  • Type: Breeder/Seedbank
  • Location: Amsterdam(Holland)
  • Phone #: 0031(0)652056337
    Calltime 13:00 till 17:00 (GMT)
  • Email: Contact form
  • Address: DutchSeedsBank
    Postbus 56722
    1040 AS
  • Payment Accepted:
    Credit Card (visa and mastercard):

    This payment system is used by people in the eu.
    Banks that we offer are:

    Send Cash to the following address:

    Bank Wire Payments:

  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Notes:
  • DutchSeedsBank Strains:

19 Reviews to DutchSeedsBank

  1. Custom avatar
    RVD says:
  2.  I just ordered a five pack sence i was worried about scames being in the US and all but i got them in 14 days from date of purchase and the three i germed all came out pretty.  Just remember if you live in the US and didn’t get them customs might have.

  3. Custom avatar
    alireza jaberi says:
  4. I ordered some seeds about 7 months ago and I still havent received it
    I have sent them like 1000 messages and they dont even care to reply why?because they got the money and ran
    I have received seeds from them before but now they became a scam website
    not replying to customers is meaning less  

    • Custom avatar
      Roger says:
    • I can not share this feeling of scam site.. I been ordering from them since 1993 and i had no problems. I now that they had problems with creditcards so i payed with bankwire. Why did you not call? i smoking now the og kush and i peaceout. ;)

  5. Custom avatar
    josh mccoi says:
  6. placed order on 4/3 . payment   processed on 4/9 . still no word on on the shipping yet . I had a representative tell me through email the company hasnt received payment yet this was on 4/21 . ( 11 days after payment showed paid not pending i remind you. Yes its international but dang pmt cleared my acct on 4/9 and you still havent received it on 4/21…hmmmm Im starting to wonder. Hopefully im wrong but… TBD .. I’ll try and call Customer service today for more answers.  -JCM-

  7. Custom avatar
    Mc Pot says:
  8. I’ve ordered here since 2011 multiple times. I can only speak for myself but the one time my order did take too long I got a pack of free seeds.. So I agree with the others you should judge by the service.

  9. Custom avatar
    cleetz says:
  10. scam site, has links to its other sites owned by same people, same layout different name (on main page of site)

    • Custom avatar
      Rob says:
    • You mean link farms like most site do to get more traffic is a scam? better judge by service.

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