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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion Marijuana Seeds

Easily one of the largest marijuana seeds breeder in the world, Dutch Passion not only has a complete variety of cannabis seeds in their name but they have also produced some of the champion marijuana seed strains being enjoyed by a lot of weed growers whether beginners or experts. Just looking at Dutch Passion seeds review will readily show the kind of popularity this company has earned over the years from the time it started some 25 years ago.

They have feminized, regular, Auto-flowering feminized, medical seeds, indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds. Some of the ganja seeds they have are Dutch Passion Blueberry, Think Different, Freddy’s Best, Dark Delight, and night queen to name just a few. They sell seeds in packs of 3, 5, or 10 seeds and the price is in Euro dollars but the same can be converted to any of the major currencies of the world using the currency converter in their webpage. Free 3 feminized marijuana seeds are available for every purchase reaching 70 euros is the promotion of the company as of this writing. No Dutch Passion discount codes are available right now but the same could be made available in the future.

Dutch Passion seeds are proudly carried by a lot of seedbanks and it is actually hard to find a big seedbank nowadays that does not sell this company’s marijuana seeds. Some of their distributors are Attitude Seedbank, Maryjane’s Garden, Single marijuana seeds Canada, GTA seedbank, La Mota BCN, and many others around the world.

Those who want to buy marijuana seeds directly from the online website of Dutch Passion can do so and discounts will be given dependiong on the amount of purchase made. A Discount of 10% is given for orders reaching 500 euros. They ship marijuana seeds around the world and the charges will depend on the country or region where the pot seeds are to be delivered.

Dutch Passion Seeds Marijuana Seeds
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19 Reviews to Dutch Passion

  1. Kawika says:
  2. I just wanted to say that I’ve tried many other breeders, and nobody even has come close to your autos. Customer for life. Thanks again, Kawika.

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