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Doobyheaven Seeds

Doobyheaven Marijuana Seeds

A seedbank based in UK, this company carry marijuana seeds from various reputable breeders like Barney’s Farm, Cali Connection, Connoisseur Genetics, Reserva Privada Seeds, and Soma seeds among others. Some of the pot seeds they carry are Afghan Haze from Mr. nice Seeds, Cole Train from Reserva Privada, Blueberry from BC Bud Depot and a lot of other strains. They have feminized seeds, regular pot seeds and also champion cannabis seed strains in their shop to suit any discriminating weed seed lover’s taste. They provide complete information about each marijuana seed strain they sell and they offer pot seeds in original breeder’s packaging to ensure authenticity of the strains. Aside from selling ganja seeds, they also offer tools and gadgets like bongs, vaporizers, rolling accessories and other stuff used for smoking marijuana.

There are no Doobyheaven discount coupons or promos available as of this writing. Shipment details are not readily available since the company requires that it be printed by the visitor. As for payment methods, it is also not readily available and the visitor must register first before it can be shared. This could be due in part to their website undergoing revision as of this writing.

Doobyheaven Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Seedbank
  • Location: UK
  • Phone #:
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Address:
  • Payment Accepted: Credit Cards
  • Shipping: UK and International
  • Notes: We Are Currently Up Dateing Our Site
  • Breeders:
    Barney’s Farm
    Bc Bud Depot
    Big Buddha Seeds
    Cali Connection
    Connoisseur Genetics
    Dna Genetics
    Dna Genetics
    Dutch Passion
    Greenhouse Seeds
    Mr Nice Seeds
    Reserva Privada Seeds
    Sensi Seed Bank
    Serious Seeds
    Soma Seeds
    Th Seeds

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One Review to Doobyheaven Seeds

  1. Sly says:
  2. The Big Buddha original Cheese I purchased from this seedbank almost a year ago was really great.  It grew well outdoors giving me no hassles whatsoever except for a little odor angst which I easily managed due to wide open space in my place.  It gave me such high that lasted for hours I was able to write a few nice songs while high with it. 

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