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DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics Marijuana Seeds

DNA Genetics Seeds is an onlinemarijuana seed company and seed breeders based out of Amsterdam, Holland. They started out in 2003 with special focus on the medical marijuana strains. They also carry an entire line of hemp clothing, and have been very successful with their clothing lines for women, men and kids. DNA Genetics has won so many marijuana breeder awards (Cannabis Cup, High Times Cup) that they have to break all their awards down by strain, over fifty awards in all.

They offer feminized and regular seeds, they DO NOT SHIP TO THE US, but you can order any of their genetics from the Attitude seed bank, who does ship to the US.They are one of the most famous ganja seed breeders in the industry, and many people have started their own line of pot strains based entirely on DNA Genetics pot seed lines.

DNA Genetics
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3 Reviews to DNA Genetics

  1. Bob says:
  2. Love these guys…..Only gripe i have is that i can never get the Lemon Skunk…..Always out of stock!!!!  LOL… I have been growing the LA Confidential from them and it is amazing….compact buds very powerful stuff……turns an awesome purple color towards end in colder temps….Highly recommend these guys

    • thomas says:
    • try the lemon og if you can not get the lemon skunk. I wanted the lemon skunk myself settled for lemon og and have been extremely happy :)   it takes a little time. My favorite takes 72 days has a good yeild, smells lemony and fuely with hints of pine. And yeilds nicely. you will enjoy, everyone does. Also every seed was a good plant. I had one that was done at about 60 days with huge nugs but not as much power and taste and the rest somewhere in between the two described but all very nice.

  3. Daniel says:
  4. As a commercial grower I am always looking for a great producer that can move at the speed of light when budding. The 60 day wonder certainly fits the ticket with its incredibly fast start to finish time, literally began spitting out buds after the first three weeks, quality remains good. Great mid-level bud.

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