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Dman Marijuana Seeds

A breeder of marijuana seeds, Dman marijuana seeds are carried and sold by many respected seedbanks around the world. They are known in the cannabis industry as breeders of fine weed seed strains and they have pot seeds that earned the nod of many growers over a period of time. Some of the marijuana seed genetics produced by this breeder are Black Gold, Black spice, Morning Dew, and orange spice maong several others. They are not known to have many strains in the market because the company is known to specialize only in certain genetics to make sure that they produce only excellent marijuana seed strains.

Dman seeds reviews are seen in many marijuana seed forums and other sites where pot strains are explained and discussed for information purposes. UK 420, grasscity, and onlinepot are some of the seedbanks where Dman marijuana seeds information can be found. Dman seeds has no website of its own and there are reports that they are no longer in business but with the intention of re-opening in the near future when the political situation permits.

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3 Reviews to Dman

  1. angrybirdkiller says:
  2. Dman I used to grab your gear from Heaven’s Stairway, where are you now ?  I need several of your quality strains back in my garden. Especially Star Gazer and Black Spice.

  3. baron1212 says:
  4. Dman im trying to find ya.please pm me

  5. Bosley says:
  6. This breeder used to have really potent pot seed strains.  I like their Black Spice in particular but now I can’t find any of their weed seeds in seedbanks anymore.  Can anyone here tell me a good replacement for Dman Black spice seeds?  Thanks in vadvance.

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