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Shark Attack — Strain Reviews — Dinafem Seeds

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Shark Attack

Type:  Feminized, Medical
Climate:  Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering:  53 days
Yield:  Average
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Indica
Effect:  Stoned
Flavour:  Intense Indica taste
THC Level:  12-16%
Growing:  Easy to moderate

By crossing Super Skunk and White Widow marijuana strains, Dinafem Seeds brought into existence a powerful indica dominated hybrid marijuana strain named Shark Attack.   It is a versatile cannabis strain that can be grown whether indoor and outdoor and has an early flowering characteristic that is best especially for growers who need early flowering weed varieties.   Even beginners can grow this hybrid ganja as long as the basic of marijuana cultivation is followed.  Flowering time for Shark Attack marijuana plants can be expected once it reaches 53 days on the average and since it is available only in feminized seeds, there is no more need to look for male weed plants as long as the ideal conditions are used in growing.   It will grow buds that have strong THC content and therefore also good for medical marijuana users.   It grows to just about the right height and works best for an indoor set-up where light and dark cycle can be manipulated to hasten growth and flowering.

2 Reviews to Shark Attack — Strain Reviews — Dinafem Seeds

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    Tamara says:
  2. In Kalifornien ist ja Cannabis fc3bcr medizinische Zwecke leigrisaelt worden. In Venice Beach machen Leute auf der Strasse Werbung mit einem Eignungstest zur legalen Beschaffung von Cannabis. Besteht man diesen Test, den man innerhalb von 10min bei einem zwielichtigen Arzt mit Lizenz durchfc3bchren kann, besteht die Mc3b6glichkeit direkt nebenan ein wenig Grass fc3bcr die kc3b6rperliche Genesung zu kaufen. Ich finde es witzig :)

  3. Custom avatar
    Auburn says:
  4. When you’re loOking for a smoke that will give you very strong stoned effect, then Shark Attack is for you.  It will send you to dreamland like a baby in a crib rocking slowly, lol!

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