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Roadrunner — Strain Reviews — Dinafem Seeds

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Auto-flowering
Climate:  Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering:  65 days
Yield:  Moderate
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect:  High, stoned
Flavour:  Full Smoke
THC Level:  
Growing:  Easy

This strain is the result of crossing Lowryder #1 and Dinafem #1.   The result is a hybrid marijuana strain that has the genetics of ruderalis, indica and sativa in one cannabis seed. This strain has auto-flowering characteristics and can be expected to flower in just 65 days.   It is a versatile hybrid weed plant that can be grown indoor and outdoor and requires only that the grower has basic knowledge of marijuana cultivation and it can be grown easily even on a terrace, garden or balcony as well as in a hydroponic system of growing.  Roadrunner is capable of producing large colas with high THC content and it is expected to grow just medium height with a pretty good yield.   The effect when smoked is a combination of an uplifting high as well as a relaxing effect that is just about right especially for a new smoker.

3 Reviews to Roadrunner — Strain Reviews — Dinafem Seeds

  1. GayDude says:
  2. I planted 10 plants, very nice, small about 50cm very fast… start to finish about 2 months even. Smoked Road Runner very fine, a good indica.. mellow and awesome for medication, my boyfriend suffers from inflated muscles and this helps him relieve the pain, very good strain for beginners, Also..just easy to grow, can plant it as a guerrilla and go away for 2 months -return and take it

  3. Fred Lan says:
  4. Robbie , that’s is not true, if someone smoke roadrunner , will get a very strong high, maybe will have some difficulties, to walk and think well… this strain is very medicinal and soo good for pain..

  5. Robbie says:
  6. If you are looking for the best all-day smoke then you better Roadrunner Seeds and grow it.  It’s easy to grow and at the same time an excellent smoke that can make you alert all day.

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