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Merkabah Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Delta 9 Labs Seeds

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Regular
Climate:  Indoor
Flowering:  63 days
Yield:  400-500gr/m2
Height:  Short to medium
Indica/Sativa:  90% Sativa
Effect:  Uplifting high
Flavour:  Full taste
THC Level:  
Growing:  Easy to moderate

The cross between two excellent marijuana strains San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush and Kandahar Province Afghanistan resulted in this mostly sativa hybrid cannabis t\strain called Merkabah.   It grows to a small to medium height which is a breakthrough considering that sativa varieties usually grow tall.   It is a strong weed plant that can be grown even by beginners whether indoor or outdoor.This strain has early flowering characteristics and it can flower in just 63 days on the average.   it will grow to a multi branch plant where lots of buds will emerge during flowering.   The buds will have light green colour with solid colas and lots of THC crystals generously topping it.   The high it gives hen smoked is stimulating and characterized by an uplifting as well as alert feeling that will last for a few hours depending on the tolerance of the smoker.   Because of its positive high, this strain is especially recommended to first-time smokers of weed.   It has also medical marijuana properties when it comes to easing headache.

One Review to Merkabah Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Delta 9 Labs Seeds

  1. Wayne says:
  2. My first encounter with this weed was when my officemate gave a puff in our office fire escape stairs and now I’m growing this wonderful daylight sativa.  

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