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Delta 9 Labs

Delta 9 Labs Marijuana Seeds

Delta 9 is an online marijuana seed distributor and ganja seed breeder. They have been working in the breeding and distribution aspect of cannabizness for over ten years, and approach the whole industry in an ethical fashion. The proprietors of Delta 9 Labs are medical marijuana patients themselves, and they attempt to breed for the medical user.

Delta 9 does not ship to the United States, and offers the US client the option of going to the Attitude Seed bank in order to get their specific Delta 9 marijuana strains. They will ship in a limited fashion to other countries, they accept Visa and MasterCard, and they do ship their seeds via the mail. They carry and breed out 12 different strains, and they operate under the strictest organic and healthy environmental strictures.

They carry feminized and regular seeds, and rate all of their genetics as medical grade marijuana. They do offer basic grow tips for the home grower.

Delta 9 Labs Marijuana Seeds
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23 Reviews to Delta 9 Labs

  1. gerry geswein says:

  3. Scott says:
  4. This is a review for delta9labs,Firstly there are many breeders out there but Ed from delta9 really knows his stuff,very approachable company,treat you as a friend and not just a average customer.Just all round nice people.ive personally grown there strawberry skunk and it’s amazing!!!deep fruity flavour with a high that leaves you in deep thought.then you can’t remember what you was thinking to start with.Delta 9 labs,have a strain for everyone’s medicinal/recreational  needs.great strains with excellent lineage,give them a try!!!!

  5. NersscorceMow says:
  6. までも目安としてご参照その高い製造技術を示します。左右ボアの量の違いなど色むら、検品させていただく際にも、実寸サイズを測ってメール等が届かないと , Website : , You can allow them to have a couple helpful tips, on the other hand teen tend to be ready keep their cupboard built if only they acquire think regarding what it’s most likely to be basically finished.

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