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Delicious Seeds

Delicious Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder and online retailer of its own marijuana seeds. They have some of the best genetics being offered and their pot seeds are carried by some well-known online seedbanks as recognition of their expertise in the field of producing quality weed seed genetics. Some of the seedbanks that carry their strains are Attitude Seedbanks, Delicious Seeds, and Worldwide Marijuana seeds. Some of their strains are Delicious seeds Cotton Candy, Fruity Chronic Juice, and Black Russian among others. They also have videos in youtube that show their marijuana seeds and include reviews for some of their strains like Cotton Candy reviews.

As of now, Delicious marijuana Seeds discount codes are not available because it is readily applied in their website and those who want to buy weed seeds will readily be entitled to discounts ranging from 10 to 15% depending on the pot seed strains. Free Delicious seeds are also offered starting from orders reaching 15 euros (1 free seed) and for orders reaching 120 euros, 5 free seeds will be given to the buyer.

They deliver marijuana seeds worldwide and the shipping rates will depend on the location where the weed seeds will be delivered. There is free Delicious Seeds shipment for orders exceeding 150 euros. Payment forms accepted are credit cards with Visa or Mastercard facilities in particular.

Delicious Seeds
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10 Reviews to Delicious Seeds

  1. Tim says:
  2. I’m not happy with the service I’ve received from delicious seeds. I’ve got a package on order and there has been no movement on my package in a month. I’ve sent lots of mails and messages but have had no response. The least they could do is just respond to one of my messages. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this company to any of my friends

  3. Ivan says:
  4. I have got one seed call sugar black rose and wow was happy to get it, but then I pop it so it could be a mom. But when it came out it has three leafs on each node. So I send them a pic of it and they said I have a Ph or ec problem, I said it’s only getting water, then the next day they said it was a great plant. And I asked for a new one and they just blocked me from Facebook haha, I think I’m right it’s a bad one or they wouldn’t of blocked me right 

    • Rudy says:
    • Actually that’s a keeper! Your lucky 3 leafers don’t come often and they produce extra bud due to the extra leaf! I hope you kept it!

  5. ArrogantBastard says:
  6. Never ordered from the breeder but have purchased and completed their Fruity chronic juice it was damn good then tried N.Lights Blue outstanding so I tried their cotton candy and wow some of the best medicine I’ve had the pleasure to grow and smoke. A perfect hybrid of Sativa/Indica IMO. Beautiful bag appeal with colors ranging from yellow to lavender and a little pink shine in the Trichomes it looks like that fades during cure. I’m not a big fan of feminized seeds or I would order a pack and breed my own. I use TGA Subcool mostly their the best fk the rest. Try cotton candy though u won’t be disappointed. P.S. It’s a huge yielding train wreck growing plant with lots of popcorn nuggs that need A TON OF SUPPORT! During the last weeks of flowering 8-10 weeks btw was best. 

  7. Pete says:
  8. I’ve been growing autos for about three years now, and have yields in the range of 50 to 75 grams. I grew a La Bella Aphrodita, from Delicious Seeds, and I have to say that I was very disappointed. The plant was tall and spindly with many flowers, but the flowers remained tiny, and no colas. Yield was a tiny 10 grams. … However I’m giving DS another chance with my next grow. I’ll be growing Norther Light Blue Auto soon

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