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De Sjamaan Seeds

De Sjamaan Marijuana Seeds

DeSjamaan Cannabis Seeds is an online pot seed site, and marijuana seed breeders. They are based in Holland. They have been in the business since 1998 and they will not ship to the United States. They list all of the countries they will not ship to, so it’s pretty straightforward where you can get their seeds. All of their genetics however are available through the Attitude Seed bank. They offer both feminized and regular seeds; of the three major strains, Sativa, Indica, and auto-flowering strains, and multiple crosses between all three. They also offer products other than ganja seeds, for example; magic mushrooms and herbal ecstasy, Peyote and the San Pedro Cactus plant.

Their shipping s through the mail to the countries they will ship to. They carry only their own genetics and strains, and specialize in solid, old school favorites like Northern Lights crosses; their strains have won multiple cups over the years.

De Sjamaan Seeds
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3 Reviews to De Sjamaan Seeds

  1. gotti says:
  2. this company is legit. i bought de sjamaan lemon and its amazing to say the least. absolutely my favorite strain, so unique in so many ways. amazing smell,flavor, and high :)

  3. elchupacabra says:
  4. i dunno i bought the purple widow and they were all really crappy tiny seeds, small light coloured ones

  5. bishnu says:
  6. The Magician from DeSjamaan Cannabis Seeds has been one of my favorite smokes for about 4 years now, and it is incredibly high quality marijuana. With lovely spicy and citrusy flavors, and a great all around high, it is guaranteed to make you smile for a long time. Never makes you edgy, and never gets you so stoned you can’t move from the couch. Very high quality stuff, highly recommended.

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