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DJ Short

DJ Short Marijuana Seeds

DJ Short is a marijuana seed breeder who has created some famous strains; Blueberry and Flo among them. A multiple cup winner, DJ Short has been in the business since the 1980’s, and is very highly regarded in the industry. DJ Short seeds are widely available at the Attitude, HempDepot, and and other seed banks. DJ Short specializes in potent Indicas and Sativas, and hybrids and crosses of each of them, and offers limited land race genetics also. Regular seeds only, DJ Short are a totally organic breeder with much attention to quality and care within the marijuana breeding program.

MasterCard and Visa, checks and direct deposits are all available forms of payment, shipping worldwide available and multiple forms of stealth shipping can be obtained.

DJ Short
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2 Reviews to DJ Short

  1. Eldon says:
  2. I want to know about Black Widow blueberry and Newberry if Newberry is the name of your new strain otherwise the information on the new strain thank you for your help

  3. Cannabis Guy says:
    I ordered ten seeds of this variant, I was looking for a shorter plant for an outside grow. The Cocoa Kush is exceptional and hardy grower, no problems with the grow, great for a stealth grow due to its short and bushy stature the high is complex and very relaxing, strong.  Almost a one hit wonder, very complex high, but overall very soothing, would be a great medical strain.

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