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Cropi Canna Seeds

Cropi Canna Marijuana Seeds

One of the reputable breeders of marijuana seeds, this company produes high quality cannabis strains that caught the fancy of many weed lovers around the world. Though they have no website of their own, they nevertheless are fully exposed online courtesy of the weed seeds that they produce and which are carried by lot of reputable seedbanks. Cropi Canna reviews are many and mostly praises as well as grow reports of those who bought the weed seed strains of this company. Some of the marijuana seeds for sale of Cropi Canna are Grapefruit, Mixed Berry, Orange Mango, Orange Pineapple, Raspberry Mandarin and Cropi Canna Tropical Fruit to name a few. They specialize in hybrid strains and most of their pot seeds have fruity taste as represented by the given names.

Since Cropi Canna has no website to sell their ganja seeds directly, those who want to buy marijuana seeds of this company can do so by visiting the seedbanks that carry their seeds like Attitude Seedbank, Cannabis Seedbank, THC Farmer, and Sea of Seeds among others. Discount Codes and coupons, special offers, shipping terms as well as payment options will depend on the availability and requirements of the seedbank carrying Tropi Canna Company seeds.

Cropi Canna Seeds
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One Review to Cropi Canna Seeds

  1. bishnu says:
  2. Bought Cropi Canna Red Grapefruit a couple of years ago from everyonedoesit.  They had a discount then so I grabbed the offer.  I was not lucky cos I got only 3 females out of a pack of 10 regular seeds.  With a heavy heart I still went on to grow the three as I had no other choice (imagine pulling out all seven robust weed plants). The remaining 3 proved to be excellent quality as they blossomed and had that really repulsive aroma with lots of fine white hairs.  Great High that lingered for hours I didn’t know what I was doing during those times I was high.  Supposed to write a draft for a term paper but when the effect went down, I saw scribbles on my sheets of paper lol!

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