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Crop King Seeds

Crop King Marijuana Seeds

Crop King Marijuana Seeds is a breeder and retail seed bank that started producing cannabis seeds in 2005 out of Vancouver Canada. You can find them in stores around the world with excellent promotional material from videos to magazines.

They have excellent packaging that keeps their seeds sealed tight and have great prices for the quality of strains they have available. Crop King Seeds also gets great reviews from customers as they are known for high germination rates as well as come with a guarantee. They have feminized cannabis seeds and regular as well as promotional material such as T-shirts and coffee cups. This breeder has great customer service and is highly recommended if you have a retail store, online seedbank or marijuana dispensary to carry as your inventory for customers.

You will find classic strains such as Blueberry and Silver Haze Feminized as well as their own commercial production varieties such as Zeus and Morpheous. Crop King does an excellent job of helping the individual customer who only wants a few seeds to the retail outlets who stock large quantities for their retail customers. They also provide you with some of the best marketing material in the industry which allows the customer to feel they are getting a great product which has resulted in fast growth for this seed breeder.

Crop King Seeds

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92 Reviews to Crop King Seeds

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