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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Crop King Seeds

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

Super Silver Haze

Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor Only
Flowering: 10 weeks
Yield: Moderate – High
Indica/Sativa: 100% Sativa
Effect: Creative High
Flavour: Pungent and Spicy
THC Level: Moderate – High
Growing: Moderate – Advance

Super Silver Haze is a winning strain to a multiple Cannabis Cups. It has been cloned for everyone to have access to (both growing and smoking). Crop King Seeds offers it in a feminized form. This weed strain will grow quite well and can provide you with really high yields.
If grown well, this strain can give you highly resinous and strongly pungent flowers within 10 weeks. However, some other growing methods such as the sea of green are only recommended for those who are advance growers.
Super Silver Haze feminized grows well in an indoor set up and allows any grower to experience an amazing yield. The flavor is pungent and spicy that’s why a lot of smokers love this strain a lot. This strain has a variety of aroma which includes a combination the sweetness of Skunk, the floral of Haze, and the deep undertones of the Afghani from the Northern Lights.

2 Reviews to Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Crop King Seeds

  1. zeek says:
  2. Indoor grow:  Tall, sativa phenotype.  Up high with some body stone.  Takes 12 weeks or more indoors to finish.  Outdoors, never finished–I cut down at 10 weeks flowering because “buds” were not yet forming, and I had to harvest early due to having to be away through October.  I figured I’d rather use the space for a faster-finishing Skafgani (Skunkman Stunk x Afgani #1 hydrid I made several years ago).   Crop King posted review that I considered positive.

  3. Kiara says:
  4. I tried taking a look at your blog on my moible phone and the format doesnt seem to be correct. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cellphone layouts are not really working with your web site.

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