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Ice Wreck Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Crop King Seeds

Ice Wreck Marijuana Seeds

Ice Wreck

Type: Regular /Hybrid
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 10 weeks
Yield: Moderate – High
Indica/Sativa: 50% Blend
Effect: Fully Body Stone
THC Level: High (Strong)
Growing: Easy — Moderate

Crop King Seeds mixed Ice and Trainwreck to produce a way higher in quality and a favorite knockout strain known as Ice Wreck. A perfect blend of both indica/sativa (50% blend), the traits of both weed types also blend well. This strain is perfect for daytime or night time use. Any smoker can experience a full body stone because the THC level is strong.
Its solid fuzz buds coated in tiny spindly hairs is packed with strong THC levels. If grown well, then this can provide any grower with a yield within 10 weeks of growing. The growing difficulty of Ice Wreck is moderately easy thus beginners might need some guide or tips on how to grow this weed.
With the proper use of soil, water, fertilizer, light, and a lot more, this strain will perfectly provide any grower with an amazing harvest and the smoker with an amazing THC filled smoke.

5 Reviews to Ice Wreck Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Crop King Seeds

  1. Swifty says:
  2. Ordered ice wreck!! I cant wait….:)

  3. Ms. Chronic says:
  4. We bought a few different seeds, the strains we have: Ice Wreck, Morpheus, Zeus, Blueberry, Haze Xtreme and Purple Kush. There absolutely kick butt strains!! ZEUS is 100% must have, along with a few of the other strains. ICE WRECK is very good also!! If you wanna check out my Instagram so you can see the big trees. 

    @ms.greendub2014 Instagram user name 

  5. kyguy says:
  6. They do ship to Kentucky. I live in Ashland and ordered from this site twice with no problems 

  7. Helpful stoner says:
  8. Go to cropkingseeds website to order some and yeah they ship all over world  , it’s regular seeds thought not feminized so they are $35 for 5 or $60 for 10 
    hoped this helped , only reason I know all this is im gonna buy some for myself
     happy growing  

  9. michael says:
  10. do u ship seed to kentucky

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