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Blueberry Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Crop King Seeds

Blueberry Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular /Hybrid
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 8 — 9 weeks
Yield: Medium – High
Height: Short – Medium
Indica/Sativa: 75% Indica
Effect: Relaxing High
Flavour: Fruity
THC Level: Moderate
Growing: Easy — Moderate

While Blueberry is a sativa and indica cross, it is well known for being an indica-dominant. It got its name from its fruity flavor. It also fits well with its purplish color of the plant and buds which will pale to lavender blue during curing and drying process.
Blueberry can grow in a medium height which looks mostly indica. More branching can be observed specifically in the lower limbs. It can grow well indoors and outdoors but you can get its optimum potential if grown outdoors and if you use organic fertilizers and a good growing method. Growing it outdoors with proper growing method and fertilizer will allow blueberry to preserve its flavors to the optimum levels.
This is best fit for those who are looking for those who are looking for fruity taste and aroma. Notable for being euphoric experience provider with a long lasting buzz, blueberry has made a reputation in the marijuana world. As a matter of fact, it is a Cannabis Cup winner.

2 Reviews to Blueberry Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Crop King Seeds

  1. Bob says:
  2. I ordered 5 got 7 6 sprouted  5 grew vigorous one looks like a mutant  ended up with the 5 vigorous ones being  male the one female I got grew slow bone like high nutrient slow growing  but may be a potential good mother it does smell candy / blueberry with purple stems and is still veging  I have done bubba kush before it was easy to grow didn’t care what nutrient you threw at it I definitely recommend you grow something easy before blueberry so you can know what to expect and how to fix. Any problems 

  3. medicineman says:
  4. Hi folks, 
      Im an oldschool grower and breeder. I, in recent years, had some unfortunate events in my life and lost my entire seedbank. Fifteen years of breeding……gone!  In it, was a blueberry line that originated from DJ and interbred with a purple Indy. It was just what everyone describes bluebery should be and looked just like the pic of yours. You came highly reccommended as producers of the real deal so in atrempt to regain my loss I ordered your blueberry. At this point what I got isnt anything it should be. It hasnt flowered yet but it is growing as 100percent sativa phenos. Vigourous tho but sativa. Light green thin sativa leaves. Sativa stature and stretch. There is no sign of an Indica at all and not a hint of purple on the stems. One of my Ice Wrecks tho…..looks very

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