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Crazy X Seeds

Crazy X Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder and they produce some of the finest marijuana seeds. Crazy X Seeds reviews are mostly about the experiments and comments made by those who grew their weed seeds. Although they don’t have a website as of this writing, the company has gained online exposure courtesy of their superior genetics. Some of the pot seeds produced by this breeder are Crazy X Seeds Malonica, Lemon Sticky, Mystical Mix, and Mossy’s Gem to name a few.
Some of the seedbanks where you can find marijuana seeds coming from Crazy X seeds are everyonedoesit, THC seedbank, Seedbay, and the Seed Depot among others. Payment terms and shipping arrangements as well as promos, discounts, and other special offers will depend on the availability of the same from the seedbank selling their marijuana seeds.

Crazy X Seeds
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One Review to Crazy X Seeds

  1. Dahlia says:
  2. I love the Crazy X Malonica seeds I bought from everyone does it.  Just had to wait longer, 25 days to be exact but once they arrived, cared for it immediately.  They grew to be such wonderful gems with lots of frost and red to browny hairs.  Loved to look at them while blossoming though it all changed of course when they dried.  It’s a heavy hitter and made me wander around while high.  It’s very good for my migraine, lol!

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