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CBD Seeds

CBD Marijuana Seeds

The CBD Crew has identified some marijuana seed strains that are particularly rich in CBD contents and therefore beneficial in terms of relieving symptoms of certain ailments like arthritis, diabetes, and even neurological ailments. Some of these pot seed strains are CBD Crew Shark, CBD Crew Critical Mass, CBD Crew Nordle, and CBD Crew Yummy to name a few. The CBD Seeds and the idea behind it were first brought together in August 2011 when some of the great minds in the cannabis industry collaborated and formed a group called CBD Crew. The min focus of the group is to promote the necessary research that will enable them to produce more CBD-rich weed seeds in the future. CBD Crew is composed of such well-known personalities such as Jose Cervantes, Scott Lakey of Shantibaba, Jaime of Resin Seeds, and Howar Marks of Mr. Nice. Together they vowed to develop CDB-rich strains, explore CBD as a medicine, and promote the developed strains specifically for use by medicinal cannabis patients.

The company does not yet sell marijuana seeds directly and all the CBD-rich pot seeds featured in their website has the breeder’s name on it where they can be bought.

CBD Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: Spain
  • Phone #:
  • Email:,
    Contact Form
  • Address:
  • Payment Accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Paypal
  • Shipping: We do not ship to United States, Australia, parts of Asia, Luxembourg, Norway.
  • Notes: This cannabis seed company is one of the best but they need to make an English site.
  • CBD Seeds Strains:
    Vanilla Haze
  • Retailers:
    Attitude Seeds
    Autoflowering seeds
    Bomba Seeds
    Dr Herbie Seeds
    Herbies Head Shop
    Sensible Seeds
    Seed City
    Seed Madness
    World Of Seeds

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