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  • Tangy Gifts

    Tangy Gifts Marijuana Seeds This company is an online seedbank that offers for sale marijuana seeds coming from all major marijuana plant breeders. The list of breeders where they order marijuana seeds is quite long and to just name a few they get seeds from the famous White Label Seeds, Flying Dutchman, and Mr. Nice seeds among others. Just check …

  • Tao GrowShop

    Tao GrowShop Marijuana Seeds This company is an online seedbank that offers a comprehensive line up for all marijuana use and growing needs. They are like a one-stop shop for any weed buyer. Those who wish to buy marijuana seeds will be in for a treat because their stock comes from famous breeders worldwide. Some of the reliable breeders where …

  • Taylord Genetics

    Taylord Genetics Marijuana Seeds The cannabis Seeds of this company are available in some online seedbanks and retail weed stores.   This breeder is an expert when it comes to feminized weed seeds.   Because of the popularity of feminized weed strains, this breeder has gained quite a number of followers because of their known expertise in feminizing cannabis seeds. …

  • Tessier Ashpool

    Tessier Ashpool Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank company engaged in the wholesale of Marijuana Seeds. It is an Italian seedbank that specializes in dealing marijuana seeds in large volume with other seed banks, companies and weed retailers. They don’t have a list of for sale marijuana in their site and for those who want to buy marijuana seeds …

  • Tgc Trading

    Tgc Trading Marijuana Seeds This company carry marijuana seeds coming from many big time breeders like Barney’s Farm, Spliff seeds, World of Weeds, The Smokehouse seeds, and Hy-Pro seeds to namer a few. They have more than 20 breeders in their list and they sell marijuana seeds in original breeder’s package in priced in euro dollars. Those who want to …




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