Nebulosa Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Copycat Seeds

Nebulosa Type:  Regular, Feminized Climate: Indoor Flowering: 56 Days Yield:  High Height:   Indica/Sativa:  Moslty Sativa Effect: Psychoactive Flavour:  Sweet THC Level:   Growing:  Medium/Hard Nebulosais a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. Despite being a hybrid, this marijuana strainis actually considered to be a mostly Sativa in the background. Also, this marijuana strain would provide you ease in terms of cultivation for you could actually grow it indoors as well as outdoors. On the other hand, it would [Read more..]

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00 Seeds

00 Seeds Bank Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds. 00 Seeds has no website as of this writing and their online exposure is courtesy of seedbanks that carry their strains like Herbies Seeds, Castle Marijuana, Golden Seed, and Sensible Seeds among others. Some of the seeds that carry the name of this company are Cheeseberry, Chocolate Kush, Chocolate Skunk, and Northern Lights among others. They sell 00 Seeds in original breeder’s pack unless the customer wants [Read more..]

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1.3G Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Vancouver Seed Company

1.3G Type: Regular Climate: Indoor/Outdoor Flowering: 6 to 8 weeks Yield: average Height: medium Indica/Sativa: hybrid Effect: medium cerebral high Flavour: unique flavor THC Level: Growing: Easy This marijuana strain offers a visual display of color and the sensory pleasure that she delivers in every smoke. 1.3G from Vancouver Island Seed Company was created from the genetics of TexadaTimewarp and Fucking Incredible varieties. This weed plant is best suited in outdoor growing. It has equal properties of indica and sativa [Read more..]

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2 Pounder Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Kiwi Seeds

2 Pounder Type:  Regular Climate: Indoor Flowering: 60-70 Days Yield:  600g/m2 Height:  120-150cm Indica/Sativa:  30% Indica, 70% Sativa Effect: Clear High Flavour:  Sweet THC Level:  High Growing:  Easy This marijuana strain is especially designed for guerilla growers. It was a strain that is originally stabilized outdoors in New Zealand. Know that 2 Pounder even became a legend in the far north because this strain is able to have a good normal yield of about 1kg of buds. 2 Pounder is [Read more..]

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3-D’D Burmese — Strain Reviews — Bean Boyz Genetics Seeds

3-D’D Burmese Type:  Regular Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering:  8-10 weeks Yield:  80-120 grams Height:  4-6 feet Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid Effect:  Cerebral high Flavour:  Lemon, fuely THC Level:  Strong Growing:  Easy Awarded as Best Sativa in 2005 Harvest Cup in Vancouver, 3-D’d Burmese marijuana strain is one of the easiest weed to grow both outdoors and indoors. This pot strain is a hybrid of 3 strong male varieties namely Chem Valley Kush, Deadhead OG (popularly known as Skunk VA), and Tahoe OG [Read more..]

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