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  • Roor Seeds Amsterdam


    Roor Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and they have no website as of now. Their online exposure is courtesy of seedbanks that carry their strains like Attitude Seedbank, Worldwide marijuana seeds, and Castle Marijuana Seeds among others. As of this writing, Roor Seeds Amsterdam has several hybrid cannabis seeds for sale and they are i1, …

  • Rare Dankness Seeds


    Rare Dankness Marijuana Seeds Established in 2010, this company that breeds fine marijuana seeds aims to provide the best varieties of cannabis to the medical community. They have been around only for two years but the collective expertise of their breeders total many years and this is why they can immediately come up with new and exciting hybrids. Rare Dankness …

  • Ripper Seeds

    ripper seeds

    Ripper Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and they are known in the industry for producing excellent quality cannabis seeds. Some of the featured weed seeds in their website as of this writing are Black Valley, Old School, Criminal+, Ripper Haze, and Hawaiian Wave. They don’t have too many strains of marijuana seeds but they are …

  • Ruseeds


    Ruseeds Marijuana Seeds This pot seed company has withstood the test of time, arose from more than 20 years of experiment in the culture under quite its forms. Biotops produces consistent, good-quality products such as compressed coco pellet, compressed peat tray, propagation rack rockwool, Leonardo Mini-greenhouse, Mini Green House, Complete Propagation kit Root Riot, Mini heating Green House exothermic, and …

  • Rootsman


    Rootsman Marijuana Seeds When it comes to a multitude of tools and equipments one may need to use in smoking marijuana, the Rootsman is the shop to visit. They offer many varieties of bongs, pipes and other paraphernalia used to smoke weed. Aside from this, they also offer other stuff like T-shirts, cosmetics and many others. [starratingmulti id="7"] Website: …



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