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  • Phatty Seeds

    Patty seeds

    Phatty Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based out of UK and they carry marijuana seeds from breeders all over the world. Phatty Seedbank counts Barney’s Farm, Big Buddha Seeds, Cannabiogen Seeds, and Black Label as among the respected breeders in their line-up. They have thousands of strains available for sale and buyers can choose what variety they prefer …

  • Pro Seed

    pro seed

    Pro Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and they have a number of strains under their name some of which are Aphrodite, Bella Donna, Double Diva, and Sweet Mistress to name a few. They have no website as of this writing and the company’s online exposure is courtesy of seedbanks and marijuana strain information sites. Reviews …

  • Paddo Smartshop

    Paddosmart Shop

    Paddo Smartshop Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank and they promote marijuana seeds especially coming from Nirvana Seeds. Some of the featured cannabis seeds in their website as of this writing are Jack Herer, High Delight hybrid, PP Sativa Marijuana seeds, and BB Skunk Cannabis seeds. They sell weed seeds in original breeders packaging of 10 or 50 seeds …

  • Paradox


    Paradox Marijuana Seeds One of the online shops where customers can find many different kinds of smoking accessories, Paradox has for sale vaporizers, different kinds of pipes, bubblers, shisha pipes, wooden boxes, grinders, rolling papers and a lot of novelty items to choose from. They also sell marijuana seeds specifically coming from the Joint Doctor and the featured ganaja seeds …

  • Pollinator Company

    Pollinator Company

    Pollinator Company Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based in Amsterdam and they sell marijuana seeds coming from very few and select breeders like DNA Genetics, KC Brains, MultiSeeds, Nirvana Seeds, and Soma Seeds. They offer marijuana seeds on retail or wholesale basis with package sales of 5,6,10, 25 and up to 500 seeds. Those who will buy marijuana …



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