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  • Loud Seeds

    Loud Marijuana Seeds Loud Seeds which was founded by a close knit group of Northern California marijuana growers and breeders who have more than 20 years of growing and breeding only the finest marijuana strains available is a company of breeders. James Loud, a Northern California native, has been breeding and growing marijuana for over 20 years using organic growing …

  • Leprechaun Seeds

    Leprechaun seeds

    Leprechaun Marijuana Seeds This company started way back in the sixties and has been in the business ever since. Today, Leprechaun seeds is a family oriented business and produces only marijuana strains that the owners and breeders themselves consume. They have several cannabis seeds offered commercially and some of which are C99, Iss, Romulan x, and Herijuana among others. They …

  • Loompa Farms

    Loompa Farms

    Loompa Farms Marijuana Seeds Nullam placerat porttitor diam, non vulputate urna rutrum sit amet. Sed molestie ornare erat, et luctus augue adipiscing nec. Sed vehicula bibendum sollicitudin. Aliquam non tellus ligula, sed pharetra turpis. Proin luctus feugiat nibh, at ultricies nibh dignissim ut. Nulla condimentum dui at massa lacinia venenatis. Aliquam eleifend odio sit amet dui imperdiet ultricies ac condimentum …

  • La Paradeta Ecologica

    la paradeta ecologica

    La Paradeta Ecologica Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank and they are one of the retailers of Kannabia Seeds. They have a website but it is under construction as of this writing so very little information is available about them at the moment. Those who want to buy marijuana seeds or know more about this company may wait until …

  • La Hoja

    La Hoja

    La Hoja Marijuana Seeds This company is one of the retailers of marijuana seeds based in Spain. They have no website as of this writing and their only online exposure is courtesy of Kannabia seeds which listed them as one of its retailers in the country. As an offline retailer of weed seeds, it is assumed that they sell pot …



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