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  • Jah Seeds

    Jah Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and they have been in the business of wholesaling marijuana seeds to distributors since 2005. Some of the cannabis seeds of this breeder are Abakus, Erb Collie Bud, Pink Sativa, Fast widow, Blue Mountain, and Jah auto Mix to name a few. They are experts in hybrid cannabis seeds …

  • Jamaica Seeds

    Jamaica Marijuana Seeds A breeder of marijuana seeds since 1997, this company is believes in maintaining old school genetics by making strains better that leads them to come up with superior pot seed strains. They maintain only original weed seed landraces from Afghanistan, Colombia, South Africa and Brazil among others. The breeders of the company are all experts who earned …

  • Jardin De La Alegria

    Jardin De La Alegria Marijuana Seeds This company is listed as a growshop and seedbank and it is situated in Salamanca, Spain. The company has no website as of now so there are not much information that can be gathered about them. Jardin Dela alegria is known to be seedbank for medical marijuana seeds and they belong to a group …

  • Joey Weed

    Joey Weed Marijuana Seeds Slowly but surely making a name for itself, this marijuana seeds breeder is getting popular in the cannabis circles because of the quality of the pot seed strains that they offer. They still don’t have a website as of now but the company and its marijuana seeds are given ample exposure in seedbanks that patronize them. …

  • Johnsinclair Seeds

    Johnsinclair Marijuana Seeds This company’s name came from the song of John Lennon titled John Sinclair. This company is relatively new and main purpose of its breeding is to pay homage to one of the popular cannabis activist in history. With assistance from Ceres Seeds, the John Sinclair marijuana seeds was launched in the market and some of the famous …




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