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  • G 13 Labs


    G13 LABS Marijuana Seeds G13 Labs is another group whose marijuana seed breeding and seed sales are steeped in old school marijuana growers and breeders. G13 is based out of Northern UK, and has been around since the 80’s, again, right at the start of the explosion of the marijuana seed industry. G13 refers to a mythical and supposedly astronomically …

  • Gage Green Seeds


    Gage Green Marijuana Seeds Gage green seeds, or the Gage green group, are marijuana seed breeders based out of England who specialize in all medical quality strains, quality and potency completely natural and organic, they will not feminize their seeds, which is a testament to their commitment to quality. They sell mostly F1 hybrids possessed of the famous hybrid vigor …

  • Ganesh Grow Shop

    ganesh grow shop

    Ganesh Grow Shop Marijuana Seeds With over four years of experience in selling marijuana seeds online, the ganesh seedbank proves to be a competitive company when it comes to selling marijuana seeds. They carry cannabis seeds coming from breeders that they associate with, such as Barney’s, Paradise Seeds, and Dutch Passion among others. They also sell most, if not all …

  • Ganesh Seeds

    ganesha seeds

    Ganesh Seeds This company is a seedbank based in Europe and they are known to carry marijuana seeds from some reputable breeders. Their website is down as of now so no online information is available about them at the moment. Their online presence as of this writing is courtesy of some cannabis seed strains that are featured in marijuana information …

  • Ganja Co Uk


    Ganja Co Uk Marijuana Seeds This company used to be a seedbank based i the UK but they are no longer present online. They closed sometime in 2009 and Ganja UK Co., is known to trade Pukka Seeds when they were still active online. Right now, the online site of this seedbank is still present but it is used only …



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