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  • Expert Seeds


    Expert Marijuana Seeds Expert Seed Bank is an online marijuana seedbank which is based in Europe. It bridges the gap between the customers and the best marijuana strains from around the world. They source their seeds from the high quality breeders and they offer it for affordable prices in their website. They offer worldwide shipping but they also advice their …

  • European Seed Bank

    European Seed Bank

    European Seed Bank Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank that carry marijuana seeds from breeders like Royal Queen Seeds, high quality Seeds, Black Label, and Joint Doctor Seeds to name a few. They maintain an impressive roster of excellent breeders that supply them with cannabis seeds as a form of continuing commitment in providing their customers only the best …

  • El Duende Verde

    el duende verde

    El Duende Verde Marijuana Seeds This marijuana seed bank and is located in Granada Spain and it offers 20% discount upon purchase of its feminized cannabis seeds. El Duende Verde or The Green Goblin shop carries regular and auto flowering marijuana seeds from top breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Eva Female Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Sweet Seeds, Paradise, Royal Queen, Medical …

  • El Matorral

    el matorral

    El Matorral Marijuana Seeds This is a seed bank and based in Cadiz, Spain which carries a variety of high grade marijuana seeds from most of the top breeders in the world. El Matorral also offers marijuana growing equipments, fertilizers and smoking accessories and paraphernalia. Among the famous breeders that provide El Matorral the best seeds are Barne’ys, Autofem, ACE, …

  • Ethnoplanet


    Ethnoplanet Marijuana Seeds Based in Denmark and has been in business since 1998, the Ethnoplanet seedbank sell select marijuana seed strains coming from their trusted breeders like Seedsman and Zen Seeds. They don’t have too many strains to show because they are concerned only with particular genetics that are provided by the 2 breeders that they have as of now. …



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