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  • Beaver Seeds

    Beaver Marijuana Seeds Beaver Seeds is a Canadian seed company which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They claim that they only carry high quality strains thus they only have a few strains for sale in their website. Their prices are cheaper than any other online marijuana seed banks out there because they order in bulk from breeders so that …

  • Bonza Seeds

    Bonza Seedbank Marijuana Seeds This company is one of the youngest in the marijuana industry. They offer single to mix seed orders from brands and other marijuana companies from around the world. Bonzaseeds specializes in selling single or pick and mix marijuana seeds. Any customer can order every single seed of their favorite marijuana strain in this company. The good …

  • Philosopher Seeds


    Philosopher Marijuana Seeds This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds that started in 2008 and established by breeders who banded together to produce excellent genetics of cannabis hybrids and offer them for commercial purposes. Philosopher Seeds is tied with Alchimia Grow Shop and the experience of Alchimia since 1995 has helped them where they are today. Some of the …

  • Beans Express

    Beans Express

    Beans Express Marijuana Seeds This company is a seedbank based out of Austria and they carry marijuana seeds coming from major breeders around the world like Ace Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Sweet Seeds, and World of Seeds among others. They have more than thirty breeders’ marijuana seeds in their inventory and they have almost everything under one roof …

  • The Blazing Pistileros

    the blazing pistileros

    The Blazing Pistileros Marijuana Seeds A group of selective breeders, The Blazing Pistileros produces only elite and choice marijuana genetics. The group which includes DC105, Krip Keeper and Jeffman creates regular cannabis seeds only. There are no feminized or auto flowering seeds available from The Blazing Pistileros. More information about this breeder can be seen at different cannabis forums sites …



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