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  • B.C. Grown

    B.C. Grown Marijuana Seeds This marijuana seed company put the last 6 years into breeding and producing strains in Southern British Columbia with good mold/bug resistance and that are heavy with resin. They have successfully stabilized, and gotten pure sativa strains to grow/flower out in my northern cold wet climate with great success. These strains have been personally tested and …

  • B.C. Seeds

    B.C. Seeds Marijuana Seeds According to online information, B.C. Seeds is no longer trading but it has complete profile and has an official website. It is a marijuana seeds breeder for more than 37 years and has been selling cannabis online for 13 years. B.C. Seed offers a 100% guaranteed stealth worldwide delivery. The best and most famous marijuana seed …

  • Baba Souvenir Shop

    Baba Souvenir Shop Marijuana Seeds This company is based in Amsterdam and a Coffeeshop, souvenir shop, and seedbank at the same time. They sell souvenir items online like mugs, caps, smoking acceesories and a lot of other novelty items. As a seedbank, they don’t sell marijuana seeds online but only on an over the counter basis in their coffeeshop. One …

  • Barnaplant Grow

    Barnaplant Grow Marijuana Seeds One of the best hemp companies in the world for more than 3 years of experience, Barnaplant built up a strong working relationship with the online community. On their site you are going to be able to find all the information that you can possible imagines about the wonderful world of marijuana. This hemp company is …

  • Barney’s Farm

    Barney’s Farm Marijuana Seeds Buying from Barney’s Farm Seeds means guaranteeing marijuana’s genetics that are in fact carefully naturalized and bred by professionals to ensure top notch quality and consistency. The strains listed in their category are one of the most typical kinds of weed in the world. This marijuana seed company is an online seed site and seed breeders …




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