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Canadian Seed Exchange

Canadian Seed Exchange Marijuana Seeds

This seed bank is the official retail store of Medical Quality Seeds. Willy Jack Seeds are also sold exclusively at Canadian Seed Exchange. It is located at 66 Wellesley Street East Toronto, Canada. The stor is open 7 days week from 10am to 7pm on Mondays thru Thursdays, 10am to 8pm on Fridays, 10am to 7pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays and during holidays. It serves its customers all days of the year. Orders of medical marijuana seeds are offered through mail order or by visiting the outlet. Check payments and international money order are not accepted. Cash and Canadian Money Orders must be sent by registered mail in a sealed envelope. There is a $15 charge for shipping and handling.
The top breeders that supply marijuana seeds to Canadian Seed Exchange are Barney’s Farm, DNA, Duke of Cannabis, Doc Bush Seeds, Grower’s Choice, Green House Seeds, Scared Herbs, Montreal Seed bank, Seedbank and Serious Seeds. There are ongoing promotions and special price discounts for selected marijuana seeds like Doc Bush, Seedbank and Duke seeds. The company sells and ships cannabis seeds within Canada only. Canadian Seed Exchange is mainly selling medical marijuana seeds from top breeders only.

Canadian Seed Exchange

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  • Website:
  • Type: Seedbank
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Phone #: (416) 850-3795
  • Email: Contact Us form
  • Address: Retail outlet:
    66 Wellesley Street East, 2nd Floor
    Toronto ON M4Y 1G2
  • Open Hours:
    Open 7 days a week:
    Monday-Thursday 10:00AM-7:00PM
    Friday 10:00AM-8:00PM
    Saturday 10:00AM-7:00PM
    Sunday & all Holidays 12:00PM-6:00PM
    We are open 365 days a year.
  • Payment Accepted: by Cash and Canadian Money Orders
  • Shipping: We ship only within Canada.
  • Notes: We do not send seeds to the USA!
  • Breeders:
    Barney’s Farm
    DNA Genetics
    Doc Bush Seeds
    Duke of Cannabis
    Green House Seeds
    Grower’s Choice
    Montreal Seed Bank
    Sacred Herbs
    Serious Seeds

13 Reviews to Canadian Seed Exchange

  1. Custom avatar
    rb says:
  2. Your a lier I have well over a 1000 people who can testify too the facts you are cheap u only want something for noting FYI growing in a rat hole like u have my seeds are too good for a small lil closet grow with no fan no air Nutting u think that works no i don’t think so and I belive what u said about me could be defimation and I’ll be talking with lawyers about it retract what u said now as I said I have well over 1000 lic pasient who grow in California and coladrado who will testify too that a cheap skate who wants something for nuttin don’t work in this world plus u said u got the refund well I want the seeds backs so my growers can test them out not in a small rat hole closet but a real grow room and with real grow lights and fan air circulation 

  3. Custom avatar
    mike babcock says:
  4. this guy named doug that’s not his real name its C J WHITE and he does not buy from weed money he has his own seeds that don’t geranmite the right way if he is talking about the seeds not working is his cause I know people that bought seeds fom WEED MONEY and they are very very happy with the owner and company . then this lying sack of lowife shit box cant sell his seeds cause they are worthless he is running people power seed bank or dr. cronhic seed bank they gone to n.falls to sell these garbage seeds and anybody else that has dealt with weed money this guy is trying to steal his busiessd to put weed money out of business this guy cj white is tying to screw arbi over . WEEDMONEY IS THE BEST SEED COMPNY OUT THERE.

  5. Custom avatar
    zeb1234 says:
  6. That is a lie there is no proof that our company was calling this person and those call that you claim was him what number did it come from as the company is now under new management Arbi is no longer with us he is not involved with the company any more fyi I my self am a grower and I have spoken too other lic growers they said that growing in a small non ventilated space where u can barley move and germinate seeds in the same room as already growing plants and grower with since can tell u that u don’t do seeds in the same room as plants growing already and plus a small box like space with no ventlation 

  7. Custom avatar
    zeb1234 says:
  8. I have also bought seeds from weed money novelties Inc and I have had no problems what so ever the gurentee tho states if the seeds don’t germinate then he will replace them but never said money back guarantee I have the a copy of it here as well I no the owner of the company if this is definition did this person give Arbi the seeds back that didn’t germinate I don’t think hour did as if he did he would have had replacement no problem I live in Los angles and I grow my self I can test too the facts of the product being top of line this man here don’t no what he doing he all he wanted is a free seeds that free loading I’m sure this can be a defamation suit 

  9. Custom avatar
    Doug says:
  10. I don’t know about Canadian Seed Exchange, but the guy plugging himself as (aka Arbi) sold me a bunch of worthless “premium” seed (purported to be from European seed banks) with an equally worthless “guarantee”.

    Of well over 300 seeds I tried to germinate in no less than 4 test plantings, I had less than 5% germination and of those only one matured into a 12″ “adult” plant with virtually no bud.

    By contrast, a control batch of “junk” seeds from an accidental, random pollination (that had been in storage for several years) had over 80% germination and yielded healthy plants with mature bud.

    He pretended to work with me under his “guarantee”, promised a refund next time he was in Los Angeles – until he actually WAS back in town and refused to honor his own promise of refund.

    I ended up in dispute, and recovering a refund from the third party who had opriginally referred me to and arranged meeting with Arbi, and was ashamed on his behalf. proceeded with a campaign of slanderous e-mails accusing ME of ripping HIM off , followed by no less than 300 annoyance calls on my phone and “crybaby bitch” messages on my answering machine at all hours of the day and night.

    It became neccessary to enlist help from ATT in tracing and documenting his annoyance calls, and Los Angeles Police Dept had to intervene to get him to stop.

    So, while I don’t know about Canadian Seed Exchange, the guy plugging, who claims Canadian Seed Exchange’s seeds never germinated, is himself guilty of selling crap seeds. Quite possibly reselling the very same crap seeds he complains about.

    In short, whatever you do, DO NOT buy anything from or a guy named Arbi. This guy is a sociopath and has no ethics or integrity.

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