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Canadian Hemp Co

Canadian Hemp Co. Marijuana Seeds

This company is a large seedbank that offer marijuana seeds for sale from a number of breeders worldwide. They have around 1000 strains to choose from and almost a complete line-up of regular seeds, feminized, medical marijuana seeds, and auto-flowering ganja seeds. Canadian Hemp Co reviews are many and it focused mainly on the quality of service that they have as well as the weed seeds they carry. Some of the weed seeds they have in stock are 8 miles High seeds, Apollo 11 G Pheno, Taskenti Seeds, and Khola Dutch passion. As for breeders, some of them are Dutch Passion, Ace Seeds, Cheap Seeds, Brazilian Marijuana Seeds, DJ Short, Mr. Nice, and original Fast Seeds. By last count, they have over 100 breeders that supply them with fine marijuana seeds.

Aside from selling marijuana seeds, the Canadian Hemp Company is also a source of useful information about the use of hemp products. They have videos, books, and other tools that serve as guide to help the newbie and even regular pot growers on how best to maximize the benefits of growing pot seeds. They also sell tools and accessories that can be used to smoke marijuana like pipes, bongs, rolling papers, scales, and other useful paraphernalia.

Canadian Hemp marijuana seeds are offered in original breeders pack and they also have single weedseed sales. Prices are available in US dollars but the same can be converted to other currencies using the currency converter in their webpage. Canadian Hemp Co discount coupons are not available as of this writing but they do have a section about discount coupons and it might be available sometime in the future. They also have a gift certicates section where the customer can buy them. There is also a 5% discount given to those who will buy marijuana seeds online and all regular weed seeds are packed with15 seeds at the price of 10 seeds so there are free 5 seeds in each pack. . They ship marijuana seeds worldwide but the buyer must be familiar with their local laws. Payment options are credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

Canadian Hemp Co

  • Website :
  • Type: Seedbank
  • Location: Westminster, BC
  • Phone #:
  • Email:
  • Address: Canadian Hemp Co
    702 Columbia st
    New Westminster, BC
  • Payment Accepted: Gift Certificate Account
  • Shipping: Shipping Address:
    new west suite 118
    10 Great Russell street
    London UK
    WC1B 3BQ
  • Notes: Canadian Hemp Super Spring Special 15 seeds in every order!
  • Breeders:
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39 Reviews to Canadian Hemp Co

  1. Custom avatar
    order #205 says:
  2. Well wow i dont know where to can i say this without dropping to your level.i have not received anything from u.y r u doing this to all your customers? . I will do everything in my power to get my money back.i know the next step here but rather not do that just want my money back.

  3. Custom avatar
    bluecheeseman says:
  4. This is one big scam them cunts sold me10 seeds and they sent 50 seefs. All different  sizes  definitely not of the same strain. I spent $300 if i could  get my hands on  then.

  5. Custom avatar
    Jim says:
  6. Jesus,mary and joseph are they still stealing peoples money,my pal bought some “Spice Bros seeds” the Green Giant it was supposed to be,I said to him how he could buy there with all the bad publicity and Spice Bro seeds hadn’t been available fer the last 5 years, but he wouldn’t listen. Funny though 20 seeds showed up and 4 germinated,2 died and the last 2 I dunno what it was,but I would call it hemp – simple and plain hemp. My pal was furious about the germination and both phoned and mailed….and 3 weeks later a package came with 37 seeds, no description nothing and of course he phoned about the seeds,but no answer. He tried to germ these “replacement” seeds at the same terrible germrate, after that he gave up. I will leave out the things he would like to do to them as they’re not appropiate to write here, but I must say that I understand him totally. BECAUSE CANADIAN HEMP CO. IS A TOTAL RIP-OFF,WHAT THEY’RE SELLING IS AT BEST HOMEMADE F2-F3 OF WHATEVER OR AS I THINK IT IS IN MANY CASES – BIRDSEEDS – THE ONES YOU CAN BUY IN A PET SHOP FOR 5$ A KILO, AS THEY LIST YOU CAN BUY A MILLION SEEDS FOR 35.000$, ISN’T THAT AN OFFER, BUT SAVE YOURSELF 34.985$ AND GO TO THE PET SHOP AND BUY 3 KILO’S OF HEMPSEEDS.IT’S  ABOUT TIME SOMEONE CLOSE THEM DOWN, IT CANT BE RIGHT THEY’RE STILL RUNNING SCAMS WHEN NOTHING THEY SELL IS WHAT THEY ADVERTISE, EVEN WHEN LEGIT SEED COMPANIES ASK THEM TO TAKE THEIR STRAINS OFF THEIR SITE, BECAUSE HAVENT GOT THEIR STRAINS, THEY’RE BEING IGNORED, IT MAKES ME SICK THAT SUCH AN OPENLY SCAM CAN CONTINUE IN YEAR 2015, ALL I CAN SAY IS; DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM CANADIAN HEMP CO.

  7. Custom avatar
    Mickleberry says:
  8. This is not a real seedbank!!!

    These guys are raking in huge amounts of coin from newbie’s. #1 they list virtually every strain imaginable including the super protected “high CBD” strains that are actually not available to the public in seed form yet. #2 they claim to ship to the United States (still totally illegal) #3 they list completely bogus strains that do not exist like “30 day CBD” that grows from seed, flowers, and is totally done in 30 days??? WOW.

    This is a very well run scam, and as long as they send the lucky ones some bag seed once and awhile they can get away with it. 

    I have been buying seeds from seed banks since the old emeryseedbank back in 2000 (which was a good bank). However,My advice to people is stay away from Canadian seed banks in general. There ARE a few decent ones BUT they tend to carry so many varieties that quality control becomes non existent. I have ordered stock from virtually all of them and 9 chances out of 10 the seeds will be old and sickly leading to non-starts and stunted growth, or like a lot of people find out the hard way “hermies”.  These guys typically grow dozens and hundreds of underpar strains side by side each other in some dirty basement from maybe 1 or 2 packs of “real breeder” seed they got from a proper seed bank in Europe. Its really a crap shoot now days cause anyone can start a seed bank.

    Its more convenient to order here and sometimes there is a strain that can’t be gotten anywhere else but here. If you want ten seeds that are goona actualy be what they say they are and be healthy, look into ordering from a bank in northern europe. REMEMBER::: just because a real breeder lists a x seed bank as a distributer, this does not mean that said bank will give you seeds direct from the breeder. I have found this to be the case more than not. Fucking greed is one thing you can always count on. 

    Vancouver seed bank is ok but the quality of seed isn’t there from what I have ordered.
    BCBD is essentially the same as VSB but keep newer genetics

    Nirvana in Europe has had nothing but the biggest healthiest well priced stains I have seen since the old ESB
    Greenlifeseeds in the UK used to be a part of the emeryseedbank as “Federation” they came up with strains like romulan and were very good. When emry got arrested the bank was dissolved and some of the catalog went to the guy who now runs greenlife. BCSC strains can be found there which are trully legendary.

    Stay away from ironseed and herbies herb in Toronto. These guys are absolute ASS CLOWNS! Overpriced dead seed stock. 

    Stay away from banks that don’t offer regular seeds and feminize all their stuff. (unless you want  that)

    I hope this little rant was informative


  9. Custom avatar
    howard j. thornbury says:
  10. Pricks sent nothing and do not answer e-mails. Rip me off eh? You need to have something special come for you.

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