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Cali Connection Seeds

Cali Connection Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder of fine marijuana seed genetics. They have produced some of the best strains in the world right now and an example is the recognition they earned when one of their strains, the Original Buddha Tahoe OG Kush won 3rd place in the 2011 Cannabis Cup. Some of the orher strins produced by Cali Connection are DeadHead OG, Sour OG, Chem3 OG, Raskal’s OG and Tahoe Og Kush to name a few. Cali Connection seeds reviews are mostly about inquiries about the excellent genetics of the company’s marijuana seeds. The website of Cali Connection does not sell marijuana seeds as of now but they are expected to soon open their online store.

Cali Connection marijuana seeds can be bought from select seedbanks that has partnered with the company. Some of them are Attitude Seedbank, Pure Sativa, Sowamazing, and Seedsman Seeds among others. Those who want to know more about Cali Connection marijuana seeds may leave them a message at their website.

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10 Reviews to Cali Connection Seeds

  1. バッグ,財布&小物専門店, says:
  2. 2019年最高スーパーコピー 服、財布.
    スーパーコピー 服 、ブランド コピーネットショップとしてずっと多くのお客様に信頼頂いております。 品質よくて、 激安 の大特価でご提供します。
    ★2019年新品バッグ、財布、手帳、腕時計、ブランド 靴、ファッション 服
    ■主要取扱商品 スーパーコピー 服 バッグ、財布、腕時計、マフラー!

  3. Kyle says:
  4. Cali connection is by far the worst seed bank on planet Earth. Swerve is nothing more than a punk scam artist. I grew 10 different CC strains and almost everything hermed out on me. It wasn’t my fault either my TH seeds plants did just fine that were growing in a greenhouse next door to the CC greenhouse. Their GSC is a total fake, most of their stuff is fake. 

  5. Paul says:
  6. CRAP seeds. Have been growing for a little over 45 years. Purchased (10) Sour Diesel Seeds acquired from Seedsman. NONE were viable. Seedsman indicated they had other people complaining of this and sent more seeds. NONE WERE VIABLE…. AGAIN!!!!  I don’t have time for BS, untrustworthy nonsense people who send their crap old seeds to other seed banks, trying to make a buck off of trash! DONE WITH YOU!

  7. dj says:
  8. bought some tahoe OG seeds from them, took a while to show up. I gave up on them actually, then a week or two later i got them in my……. was super skeptical, but when I was week three or four into flowering, I could tell this was OG. I got ten seeds for 100 dollars. started 6 seeds and got 4 females out of the of the seeds was not that good it grew short and bushy which at first i liked, then it just started to die and there was nothing I could do to bring it back. another had a smell that was not like the others, looks of the bud were similar,but the smell was sooo different. I think it was a banana kush seed that got mixed in somehow.  all the tahoe OG buds were fat and the yield was good. I have seen a lot of OG in my days, I got to say Ive smelled more dank OG but have rarely seen OG this fat and full, very good nugs. they sent a few other strains with my seed purchase, but I really would not recommend them. maybe give them to a friend and let him experiment if he wants. and if there is something special there you can always take a clone.

  9. CJ says:
  10. Grown 3 strains from them and was disappointed with the ‘commercialized’ feel to all 3.  Larry OG, California Dreaming, and a Blackwater.   Some strains are to have the ‘famed’ SFV OGK which is OK at best, but pales in comparison to the big boy stuff like Lemon G, or just about anything from Barney’s or Greenhouse.  Dutch Passion also has some really good breeding cuts as well. This company is a marketing company with ok stuff. but not big-boy stuff.  Don’t be fooled by recent cup awards, as the cup is won even before  the  judges get to judge.  $$. As a 20 year grower, both soil and hydro I have grown just about everything.  Before you become a sellf-proclaimed expert, have some cycles under your belt to have something to compare your plants to.   Even employing my recipes that bring genetics to their potential produced lack luster results with many varying phenos when growing with Cali Cnnection.  The plants don’t seem stable or consistent.  You can do better.

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