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Bomb Seeds

Bomb Marijuana Seeds

They have developed a new and unique range of cannabis seeds by carefully selecting and improving classic strains and crossing them with a potent bomb seeds genetics to maximize the most a variety of the best traits. Bomb Seeds are organically grown in the Netherlands under strictly controlled conditions. All batches are regularly tested for optimum quality and consistency. All Bomb Seeds are then hand selected to ensure maturity and viability. Bomb Seeds genetics are fully stabilized and bred for complete genetic consistency ensuring all strains and traits breed true in every plant. They pride themselves on quality, quantity, strength, speed & vigor.

The result is a high quality collection of some of the most powerful genetics available with each and every strain in the range maximized for high yield, high THC, fast finishing and fantastic growth potential. The Bomb Seeds range includes something for everyone from indicas to sativas, autoflowering & medical varieties as well as something for the connoisseur. To sum up, they have great genetics and a nice selection of different strains.

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10 Reviews to Bomb Seeds

  1. MItchell says:
  2. Some of the best genetics I’ve ever grown has came from Bomb seeds. Their genetics are very consistent, stable, and a staple in my garden. Atomic Bomb is my favorite so far. I never took a clone of that prized plant and I’m still kicking myself today. I highly advise always taking clones of Bomb Seeds because more often than not, you’re going to find something you’re going to want to keep around.

  3. Jerry says:
  4. After reading all the great reviews of Bomb Seed I decided try some out. I ordered some of their Cherry Bomb Auto along with another seed bank’s strain of auto. Out 10 of the Cherry Bomb seeds I had 3 to actually sprout. I paid $67 USD for 3 viable seeds. That is some BS. The other seed bank’s strain of Auto, I had 9 out of 10 to sprout. I’m not some first timer growing. I’ve been at it for over 20 years now.

  5. Geoff says:
  6. Bomb Seeds have some of the best genetics available. Their THC Bomb is without doubt one of the most potent and reliable strains available, growing fast and with massive amounts of bud. I have grown this 4 years running now and have never been disappointed. Their Berry bomb and Ice bomb are also amazing smokes that produce some really potent weed. I currently have 4 plants of Atomic growing and they are looking like they will live up to their name as they are literally covered in resin.

  7. jonny09 says:
  8. THC Bomb is up there with the best strains. I also loved Berry Bomb, explosive growth and excellent flavour! 

  9. jimbob says:
  10. Best genetics i’ve grown. Atomic is the biggest yielding plant i’ve had in any garden and i’ve been growing for 25 years.  

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