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Black Skull Seeds

Black Skull Marijuana Seeds

Black Skull seeds are a seed breeding company based out of an area they would prefer not to discuss with their clientele. While they do have a web presence that discusses the genetics and various qualities of their seeds, they need to be purchased through various retailers, like the Attitude, and They offer a full line of potent marijuana seeds, feminized, regular, and some auto-flowering, most of which have been crossed with their monster strong and lovely black skull female and male marijuana plants. Their prices are very good, which makes the quality of their cannabis even better.

The Black Skull seeds can be shipped pretty much worldwide, standard payment methods apply, check the payment methods for the Black Skull retailers. Stealth shipping is available.

Black Skull Seeds
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2 Reviews to Black Skull Seeds

  1. Anonymous says:
  2. nice strong strain J:H nice smog origi…. 

  3. Alex says:
  4. The Black skull female power bud is a dream come true for any commercial or Medical grower, a super strong and hardy plant with excellent and fast bud production.A great plant for outdoors, the bud is stronger than anything out there with these levels of production, and is a good, smooth smoke.

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