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Black Label Seeds

Black Label Marijuana Seeds

Black Label Seeds are a marijuana seed breeder; they do not at this time have an online seed site. They can be purchased from the Attitude Seed Bank, or from, another large seed bank. The Black Label pot seed breeders have been breeding since 1997, and they have well- developed and well- rounded strain lines, land race included. They offer feminized and regular weed seeds, auto-flowering and landrace genetics, along with the standard Sativa and Indica crosses.

They can be purchased with MasterCard or Visa, and any number of direct deposit methods, the shipping is quite quick, and they offer stealth shipping.

Black Label
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3 Reviews to Black Label Seeds

  1. lock42 says:
  2. La high quality seeds et la (black label) et un très bon breeder pour moi de bonne génétique, graine de très bonne qualité, prix pas trop élever des variétés de la black label, comme la hollands hope je la recommande fortement en culture outdoor elle et puissante précoce et très robuste comme variété une croissance latéral avec un lourds rendement, et surtout très résistent a la moisissure!!! je la près faire a celle de (dutch-passion, weedseedshop, white label) elle sont moins précoce et moins forte en thc!!!! Merci la high quality seeds (black label) continuer comma ça!!!!   

  3. Very Sad Joanne says:
  4. Heads up,,,,,I ordered 10 regular White Widow seeds from Black Label Seeds through Alibongo. Eight germinated, four of the eight started out as females but soon showed male sacks and the leaves were mutant. Had to throw them all out. I have two other Strains from other breeders that are also females and they are four weeks older and had no problems
    [e with these.

    Alibongo wants to use the disclaimer loop hole, NOT OK with me  

  5. Anonymous says:
  6. I had heard a lot about black label seeds, and how good they were, so I ordered ten of the Jack Herer feminized seeds. All but one of the seeds germinated, the plants were strong and healthy throughout the growing cycle, and the bud production was medium, not high, and not low. Excellent smoke and sensation, energetic but not trippy, long-lasting and very painless sensation. GREAT MEDICAL STRAIN

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