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BeanHoarder Marijuana Seeds

A breeder of excellent quality marijuana seeds, Beanhoarder seeds are popular to a lot of marijuana seeds growing enthusiasts. They don’t have a website as of now and their online presence is courtesy of the seedbanks that carry their weed seeds particularly Hemp Depot. Some of the fine hybrid marijuana seed strains of Beanhoarder are Golden Tiger, C99 x BW, Trainwreck x PCK, Neville’s Haze x SSH, and Mango Haze 3 F2 among others. Beanhoarder has around 40 strains under their name and they have some of the best F1, and F2 genetic hybrids. Those who want to buy marijuana seeds of this breeder may visit the seedbanks selling their strains. Payment options and shipping terms will depend on the requirements of the seedbanks and the same is true with regards the availability of promos, discounts and special offers.

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  • Website: No Website
  • Type: Breeder
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  • Notes: Avaiilable at many retail seed banks selling marijuana seeds.
  • Seedbanks: Hemp Depot

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8 Reviews to BeanHoarder

  1. Mr. Guy says:
  2. Bought the Sensi-Star/Blockhead via Hemp Depot and I am very unimpressed with the vigor and vitality of the plants. Though the germination rate was extremely good, the plants ALL died within a few weeks for no good reason. I’m an experienced grower and have provided optimal conditions for these plants but they just seem to be bad genetics. I’ve never had a plant die on me but with these Beanhoarder seeds I’ve had 6 of 7 die and the last one is losing vigor by the day. Very inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for. CHEAP.

    • D.A says:
    • Never have had this problem.Tried over a dozen of their strains.Big fan of their strains.

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. Beyond pleased with Beanho seeds.Jack Herer x PCK,Jack Herer x Blk widow,Hawaiian/AK47/Blk widow are my favorites.

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