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BeanHoarder Marijuana Seeds

A breeder of excellent quality marijuana seeds, Beanhoarder seeds are popular to a lot of marijuana seeds growing enthusiasts. They don’t have a website as of now and their online presence is courtesy of the seedbanks that carry their weed seeds particularly Hemp Depot. Some of the fine hybrid marijuana seed strains of Beanhoarder are Golden Tiger, C99 x BW, Trainwreck x PCK, Neville’s Haze x SSH, and Mango Haze 3 F2 among others. Beanhoarder has around 40 strains under their name and they have some of the best F1, and F2 genetic hybrids. Those who want to buy marijuana seeds of this breeder may visit the seedbanks selling their strains. Payment options and shipping terms will depend on the requirements of the seedbanks and the same is true with regards the availability of promos, discounts and special offers.

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  • Notes: Avaiilable at many retail seed banks selling marijuana seeds.
  • Seedbanks: Hemp Depot

5 Reviews to BeanHoarder

  1. Custom avatar
    Darkstar says:
  2. I have only positive experience with Beanho gear. I have keepers of his Blockhead x Sensi Star (ogers cut) called Monstar and its fire. You can’t beat the prices and it good gear. I say don’t hesitate and give him a try.

  3. Custom avatar
    Danky says:
  4. Hey I spoke too soon about Beanhoarder.  Went to go dump the left over soil/non-viable seeds into the compost.  One of the Warlock/Blockheads that I germed on 12/26 survived being ignored in a cold puddle of muddy water, and popped out a nice little sprout.  The ones I had germing properly all three had tap roots, including the deformed one.
    My advice, these guys apparently have tougher shells.  Give them some time to germ or scuff them first.  But they seem to have a very strong will to live.   My sincere apologies to Beanhoarder.

  5. Custom avatar
    Danky says:
  6. I ordered the Beanhoarder Warlock/Blockhead from Hemp Depot.  HD’s service was great, excellent shipping and they threw in ten freebies.  Glad they did, because the Warlock/Blockheads are looking like a bust.  Germed two seeds each from three different breeders, have four seedlings – no Warlock/Blockheads. 
    Threw three more seeds into a cup of water yesterday.  One of them is obviously deformed, after soaking I can see that there’s something wrong with it.  One of them is still floating 24 hours later.  One of them did sink, but if it grows a tap root I’ll be surprised.
    Hemp Depot:  Recommend
    Beanhoarder:  Not recommend

  7. Custom avatar
    Ganj love says:
  8. Nope, only HD carries BeanHoarder gear. Very possibly wrong, but think BH breeder is someone involved with Hemp Depot. My experience w/ HD and gear they offer has been all good. and have heard absolutely nothing but great things from a lot of others as well. Many peeps go-to bank. Been looking @ BeanHo gear also. My view is, $20 for a 10pk is worth a shot. From personal experience I would HIGHLY recommend you consider ISP and KOS gear. Good price for amazing genetics bred by peeps that do it for the love of the plant & not love of the $ like a few dutch breeders you’ll find there, IMHO. Peace & Good luck- ganj 

  9. Custom avatar
    Jorge says:
  10. Checked the warlock x blockhead strain of Beanholder with a seedbank and am quite interested buying 20 seeds of it for only $50.  Really cheap as compared to other strains of the same skunk variety.  I just need a few more positive strikes before I can say it’s a go.  Say, anybody here can tell me what other seedbanks carry Beanholder seeds aside from Hemp Depot?  Read a few things about them and just want to make sure before I make that final click on the mouse paying for the beans ya’ know.

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