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BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot Marijuana Seeds

This company is easily on of the biggest in the online cannabis industry. The BC Bud Depot Seeds is an online seed siteand at the same time a seed bank for some reputable breeders of marijuana seeds. They breed their own strains and has actually produced some of the excellent cannabis seed genetics that became popular with both beginners and experts in the field of ganja growing. Some of the weed seeds produced by them are BC Bud Depot Sweet God, Sweet Tooth, and Sweet dreams to name just a few. BC Bud Depot reviews are quite positive and mostly praises about the company and its marijuana seed genetics. Aside from their own pot seeds, they also carry strains from select breeders such as TH Seeds, Soma Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Delta 9 Labs among others. BC Bud Depot discount codes are available from time to time and the customer can be entitled to superb discounts upon entering a code.

Based out of Canada, BC Bud Depot is a well set up marijuana seed site. They ship world-wide, and offer multiple forms of stealth shipping for the customer. they advice however that customers must be familiar with local laws to facilitate marijuana seeds shipment to their country. They carry feminized and regular cannabis seeds, and feminized and regular landrace pot seeds. They offer payment by Master Card, Visa and American Express, along with other forms of payment, please check out their site. Shipping is medium to fast speed, they do guarantee your product will arrive, or they will replace it themselves, and they have limited germination guarantees.

BC Bud Depot

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Rating: 2.8/5 (49 votes cast)

73 Reviews to BC Bud Depot

  1. Custom avatar
    ArrogantBastard says:
  2. Crappy genetics from crappy people = crappy

  3. Custom avatar
    Allen says:
  4. I didn’t have a problem with my order and not receiving it. I sent an international money order for $300 and got 24 feminized seeds and they threw in six blueberry seeds for free. Had two seeds that didn’t properly germinate and two males that I trashed the moment I spotted them for what they were. Ordered the BC Bud God & the Purps. Some plants seem be doing better than others and their at the flowering stage. Fourteen seem to have stunted growth but show signs heavy of budding and trichome development. Don’t know why some are doing better than others and some seeds showed an over all faster rate of germination than other seeds which produced healthier plants. The end result at harvest will telll the tale but it seems I got stronger, healthier plants when I ordered from Amsterdam the year before. I’m an otdoor grower and conditions in Southern Nevada can be extremely harsh for different strains acclimated to milder climates other than exteme heat and excessive winds at times. This could play a role in production which every grower should consider when growing outdoors along with nutrients which I’ve supplied as needed.

  5. Custom avatar
    City_Slider says:
  6. I ordered the Girl Sout Cookies reg few Days ago and asked about sending Cash or Pay Safe Card. Did i got an Answer? Wut u guess? ;)

    Happy Growing, City 

  7. Custom avatar
    ONgorilla says:
  8. I ordered from BC buds’ Hamilton location a couple of years ago – sent cash for 4 strains – nothing came. I sent an email and they offered to send me some seeds but in the meantime all my Purps seeds turned hermie and I had seeds in my other strains from it. decided I wouldn’t use their seeds if they were free  

  9. Custom avatar
    botanical geneticist says:
  10. I bought 12 seeds “God Bud” It took 2 weeks for them to simply ship another week to arrive in Texas, 10 of the 12 showed up, 1st E-mail telling them, fell on deaf ears, second e-mail, 2 weeks later, a response telling me they would give me credit next time I ordered. Two weeks later 6 seeds showed up, interestingly enough these seeds appeared to be much better seeds. I planted 10, all germinated gave 5 to another lab buddy to compare growth and characteristics.
    – Of the ten, 1 grew the way it should have and yielded well,others lagged far behind and produced poorly. We are both have degrees in botany, and I do research in genetics,one thing for sure is we know how to grow a plant, although I wont inundate you with the lingo. We both experienced similar problems with inconsistent growth and hermies, surprisingly enough there were no males out of the ten seeds, which leads me to the conclusion of an extremely poor breeding approach. I certainly wont spent $150 for plants like that from them again,live and learn. To me it feels like BC Bud depot may have been good at 1 time, although as business has built, they have allowed management and procedures to slip, reflecting both customers service and product. I would recommend buy else where until they get there shit together.
    I am going to take the 1 good girl and see if I can reproduce a wild type and clean the genetic line up a bit to support some sense of consistency.(simply for practice,mehhh, maybe just toss it) I will continue to look for a company that practices proper standards based off real educational knowledge for my personal stash, and do a genome study on.

    Who is your favorite?

    • Custom avatar
      brother says:
    • you got to try peak seeds for forty dollars you will get top of the line genetics customer service is also top notch it will amaze you

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