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BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot Marijuana Seeds

This company is easily on of the biggest in the online cannabis industry. The BC Bud Depot Seeds is an online seed siteand at the same time a seed bank for some reputable breeders of marijuana seeds. They breed their own strains and has actually produced some of the excellent cannabis seed genetics that became popular with both beginners and experts in the field of ganja growing. Some of the weed seeds produced by them are BC Bud Depot Sweet God, Sweet Tooth, and Sweet dreams to name just a few. BC Bud Depot reviews are quite positive and mostly praises about the company and its marijuana seed genetics. Aside from their own pot seeds, they also carry strains from select breeders such as TH Seeds, Soma Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Delta 9 Labs among others. BC Bud Depot discount codes are available from time to time and the customer can be entitled to superb discounts upon entering a code.

Based out of Canada, BC Bud Depot is a well set up marijuana seed site. They ship world-wide, and offer multiple forms of stealth shipping for the customer. they advice however that customers must be familiar with local laws to facilitate marijuana seeds shipment to their country. They carry feminized and regular cannabis seeds, and feminized and regular landrace pot seeds. They offer payment by Master Card, Visa and American Express, along with other forms of payment, please check out their site. Shipping is medium to fast speed, they do guarantee your product will arrive, or they will replace it themselves, and they have limited germination guarantees.

BC Bud Depot

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0 Reviews to BC Bud Depot

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    Jesse says:
  2. Well, obviously the reviews are all over the place for this seedbank, but all I can do is share my own personal experience. I ordered 50 Albino Rhino seeds, and they took about 3 weeks to arrive. Of the 50, 100% germinated, and in fact 2 of them sprouted twins. So in a  sense, you could say I got a 104% germination rate. Very difficult to beat.
    Of the 52, about 20 were males, and of the remaining 32, some of them didn’t make it. A few were just weak plants, and a few I had to let go because they were taking too long to catch up to their bigger sisters and I cut them loose. Wound up with about 25 females, and at least 5 distinctly different phenotypes, ranging from pure sativa to pure indica. 1 of them hermied, and I cut her quickly, but the rest all grew put fine. I was trying to grow them in a SOG, but it was tough because of the very different phenos, and some of the smaller plants got crowded out and never developed very much. Yields ranged form less than half an ounce to well over 3 ounces on some of the larger ones, and the potency on every plant was extremely high. This is some truly kickass weed. I cloned 5 of them, and am now starting a second run to narrow it down to a mother. One of the ones I cloned yielded 2 ounces that were so covered in trichomes I thought they were lightburned. and another is a deep purple that puts me on the moon for the whole night with just one bong hit. I have very high hopes for the second run.
    Only negative I can offer is that the genetics might be a little sloppy, with 5 different phenos among 25 plants. Also, finishing time was close to 13 weeks on most of them. Other than that, I am very happy. Yielded over a pound a half under a 1K light in a 4×4 space, which is pretty good considering the canopy managements issues from growing 5 different phenos. Second run should be much better. Overall, very very happy with my experience.

  3. Custom avatar
    BigDaddy says:
  4. Not recommended!
    I bought some “BCGodBud” seeds in September ’15, and now Feb ’16 Ive harvested what appears to be a very average to below average indica… The genetics are very disappointing to say the least.  I cant see how this strain was any kind of cup winner.  I can only assume they are either liars or they gave me some other kinds of seeds…  I wont shop there again.

  5. Custom avatar
    igrow says:
  6. I ordered seeds from bcbud depot and received fast, in a week. After reading a lot of negative reviews I have to say I had a good experience with them. I didn’t use express shipping and received shipped email in 4 days. As a first time grower I don’t know what to expect when the time comes to germinate and grow. Excited to see what happens. And recommend ordering from them with prepaid visa.

    • Custom avatar
      Al says:
    • Ya I order there so called Girl Scout cookie which was b s spit hermits n seeds everywhere garbage never again

  7. Custom avatar
    vsopwill says:
  8. Excellent customer service. I have had several problems none of which was the fault of BCBUD. One was intercepted by customs. They not only replaced the seeds but sent me 10 free seeds for my inconvenience. Germination failed on several of the seeds ( i later discovered that was my fault.) Still BCBUD insisted that i would receive  not only a replacement but upgraded seeds to fems and again sent me more free seeds The staff was also completely knowledgeable with which medicine was best for my illness. . The seed stock thus far is on par with the best i have ever grown.. Excellent healthy fast growing plants. I am still in veg stage and will update on the final budding results. I can not imagine anything but top quality buds.  I swear i do not work for BCBUD or am related in any way.This is actually my first purchase with BCBUD and i could not be any happier. Thank you John, Madison  and all that have given excellent service. Will

  9. Custom avatar
    Jinko says:
  10. I just placed my order with bc but Depot and I did have a great experience. And I had to call in to readjust my order and they were great with me provided me with some amazing information and John BC bud depot was an amazing customer service rep. They took care of my needs told me about their backing and guarantees and I was very happy with what I have experience. Anybody who complains about quality probably has a non legit setup. I will follow up with delivery method and how they work after germ . 

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