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BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot Marijuana Seeds

This company is easily on of the biggest in the online cannabis industry. The BC Bud Depot Seeds is an online seed siteand at the same time a seed bank for some reputable breeders of marijuana seeds. They breed their own strains and has actually produced some of the excellent cannabis seed genetics that became popular with both beginners and experts in the field of ganja growing. Some of the weed seeds produced by them are BC Bud Depot Sweet God, Sweet Tooth, and Sweet dreams to name just a few. BC Bud Depot reviews are quite positive and mostly praises about the company and its marijuana seed genetics. Aside from their own pot seeds, they also carry strains from select breeders such as TH Seeds, Soma Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Delta 9 Labs among others. BC Bud Depot discount codes are available from time to time and the customer can be entitled to superb discounts upon entering a code.

Based out of Canada, BC Bud Depot is a well set up marijuana seed site. They ship world-wide, and offer multiple forms of stealth shipping for the customer. they advice however that customers must be familiar with local laws to facilitate marijuana seeds shipment to their country. They carry feminized and regular cannabis seeds, and feminized and regular landrace pot seeds. They offer payment by Master Card, Visa and American Express, along with other forms of payment, please check out their site. Shipping is medium to fast speed, they do guarantee your product will arrive, or they will replace it themselves, and they have limited germination guarantees.

BC Bud Depot

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Rating: 2.9/5 (46 votes cast)

64 Reviews to BC Bud Depot

  1. Custom avatar
    master420 says:
  2. also if you do not know anything about getting the right pheno btw you only get one in 12 if your lucky cannabis is the lotto all the way! when done in regular and right getting 8 out of 12 males is not abnormal you fucking dopes and on top of that only one of the 4 girls is worth it out of 12 at least you get a better average with bc most places only do 10s besides why do you think bc offers 20 packs and more in regular? so you can get your pheno!

    • Custom avatar
      master420 says:
    • i dont like feminized seeds for a number of reasons no fun and way to predictable also very prone to hermaphrodite. their is nothing more annoying then having a whole batch of seeds done fem going to seed because it decided to have both male and female parts regular seeds are waaaaaay less likely to do something like that reg also does not lose anything from cloning from one generation to the next it stays strong while fem can become weaker after time so i play the lotto for my female yes its hard and yes disappointing killing all the dudes but so worth it when you land that pheno.

  3. Custom avatar
    master420 says:
  4. BC is legit! damn to all the fucktards, haters, and shit farmers ive gotten their blueberry and cheese and both had 100% germ rates they even throw in a seed or 2 extra to boot and the packaging is excellent. If you did not get seeds then its something in your area possibly intercepting your package not BC and its a risk anywhere its not legal in any way shape or form. Show the kind of patience it takes to grow and BC will come through. my 12 cheese are all 1 week old today and healthy so fuck all the other shit ppl talk about BC Bud Deopt they are legit.

  5. Custom avatar
    Dr.Matt says:
  6. It took almost 4 weeks but i got my stuff. I would recommend them. Have not germinated any
    Yet but i got them.  

  7. Custom avatar
    duanemiller says:
  8. you can say these guy are crooks all you want but im here to say your all nutties these guys have treated me with nothing but respect and fairness want treated right treat them right you get what you pay for pay for trash you get trash buy the good stuff and get the good stuff you cant buy 10.00 items and expect a 1000.00 item thanks guys for the excellent service you provide to me

  9. Custom avatar
    Tim says:
  10. Be careful with this seed bank, I buy 2 times BC Bud Depot, and both times I pick me up with other seeds of what I wanted. I feel that it picks up with lots of any seed after they put name on it for resale. The quality of their product is really and really low, I recommend not even try.

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