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Barney’s Farm

Barney’s Farm Marijuana Seeds

Buying from Barney’s Farm Seeds means guaranteeing marijuana’s genetics that are in fact carefully naturalized and bred by professionals to ensure top notch quality and consistency. The strains listed in their category are one of the most typical kinds of weed in the world. This marijuana seed company is an online seed site and seed breeders who have been in the business for over 35 years of experience in gathering and refining marijuana varieties to bring in the perfect and the cheapest possible marijuana seeds to everyone. Their aim is to give out feminized marijuana seeds of easy cultivation and good production with the best price to expert and passionate growers as well as dealers.

Their grow and breeding teams are the best, and they have successfully crossed land race genetics with the standardized Indica and Sativa genes to create some knockout strains that bud and mature very quickly; and pot seeds, promoting seed stock is their regular concern. Barney’s Farm seeds reviews are many and mostly praises about the company and the ganja seed genetics that they produced. Some of the marijuana seeds that made a name for them are Barney Farm Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream, Liberty Haze, Sweet Tooth, and G13 Haze among others.

Barney’s Farm has won many international awards for the high quality and stability of its product lines and is a recognized world leader in the production of top of the line cannabis seeds. They accept payments by credit card and cash, and offer limited shipping, but their entire marijuana seed strain is available at The Attitude Seed bank, for people all around the world to enjoy.

Barneys Farm Seeds

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0 Reviews to Barney’s Farm

  1. Custom avatar
    Trick says:
  2. Bought over $400 worth of seeds and 3 vanilla Kush came crushed and all I ask is to replace those three and got nothing but a major run around, not cool. Trick

  3. Custom avatar says:
  4. i purchaced 5 G13H seeds only 2 germinated a 3rd did but only had one cotyledon leave and produce no leaves, the 5 LH seeds all did fine curious if yall planned on replacing the 3 G13h with something else .? the blue mammoth sounds interesting . sincerly  jo

  5. Custom avatar says:
  6. i would just like to talk to someone from barneys if possible u have my e mail  

  7. Custom avatar
    Maisy says:
  8. I ordered five fem blue cheese seeds and the only thing that came was the kiwiland hat…very disappointing especially since it wasn’t cheap ughhhhh :/ 

    • Custom avatar
      Maisy says:
    • Disregard my review I was just stupid lol 

    • Custom avatar
      J williams says:
    • I know the post was a long time ago. But the hat you got when you ordered seeds. Well u didnt get ripped off. The seeds are hid in the hat. If you feel all the way around the edge of hat there is a slit in it and you’ll find ur seeds in there. I hope u didn’t throw the hat out..   good luck…

  9. Custom avatar
    robert says:
  10. waited 5 months with them stating they sent the seeds two times ,, NO SEEDS !!, so i reversed the charges on my credit card and they told me not to order from them again, i told them i wouldn’t be that stupid,

  11. Custom avatar
    Aaron says:
  12. i ordered 5 pineapple chunk and 3 critcal cure from them, which none of germinated but had other seeds germinating at the same time which are all thriving with 100% germination rate, dont expect any replies from their staff, as they are non contactable. very disappointing after spending that money. will be avoiding them at all costs.  

    • Custom avatar
      robert says:
    • I had the same problem, also order by credit card and have the charges reversed, they hate that and cost them money

  13. Custom avatar
    Charger Chulis says:
  14. I have ordered and tried to grow Critical Kush and Liberty Haze. 5 beans each. All germinated. None of the CK made it past the seedling stage. LH only 2 made it past the seedling stage and are not doing well in veg. The only strains that I have not been able to make it from beginning to end. Have been growing Hydro DWC for 6 yrs and have been through all the mistakes and rewards. At least ALL other grows made it to harvest even if not perfect. I’m very unhappy with these results from this seed farm. 

  15. Custom avatar
    Sejd2131 says:
  16. Ordered “SIN Tra Bajo” and its lived up to its billing. It germinated in 2 days and been doing nicely since. The freebie, oddly enough surprised me the most as its off to the races. Anyway, they`ve been very helpful and i`ve done lots of Due Dil and can only say, this is a very reputable SBank in comparison.. The odd adage ” You get what you pay for.” Barneys is a cut above IMHO.

  17. Custom avatar
    ArrogantBastard says:
  18. What burley said pretty much. I think they have already made their money in the seed industry and are more focused on their shops and bars etc.. In Amsterdam. I did a five pack of pin. Chunk also 3 made it and was good but not great like the LSD I had from them years back. Almost bought a pack of it on sale but I’m concearned with the quality of the stock these days. I’m finding out the expensive way to try the new guys on the block like rare Dankness and TGA Subcool (newer anyways) and having better results with them than barneys or sensi etc.. Growers with something to prove still are still innovating and motivated IMO 

  19. Custom avatar
    Johnny V says:
  20. I got a five pack of pineapple chunk seed.  3 made it through germination, two couldn’t get their shell casings off, really should have scuffed them a little before germination.  The three that did grow were strong but very pinikity about what nutrients they desire.  Was ready on day 63 of flower, someone on here said they left theirs go much longer which isn’t gonna help, as once it finished ripening the fruit the degradation sets in quickly.  A very interesting smell once dried, I expected more cheese but it’s like a mixture between pine and fresh tea leaves.  Very tall indoors if you let it, trim to avoid popcorn bud on this strain.  Very orange in colour once ripe, colas that look a little pineapple shaped.  Good smoke, heady buzz with good fun feeling.  Yield isn’t the 650gr/m2 they advertise in my opinion, if i packed a square metre with pineapple chunk then i’d reckon 450gr/m2 would be more likely. because of the smell it’s not the best commercial strain. it just ain’t pungent enough. Not enough cheese in there.

  21. Custom avatar
    Burley says:
  22. Dr. Grinspoon, one of my all time favorites…usually. The last one was “nothing” like the previous grows, not in appearance, size, shape, color, quality….nothing. It finished WAY ahead of normal time, I couldn,t even call it by name to others. Maybe later on I’ll try them again but I’ll be sore from this one for a while.

  23. Custom avatar
    Chief says:
  24. Barney’s farm is a leader in the industry. The quality of the seed speaks for itself, so long it’s been purchased by a reputable bank and grown according to the seed’s needs.

    When it comes to other people’s complaints regarding germination rates, number of males in seed stock, harvest times indoor or outdoors, keep in mind that these problems are almost entirely environmentally related. Purchase your seed stock from a reputable bank that delivers them fast. Either store your seed in perfect conditions, or start them soon after. 

    Barney’s farm is one of my favorite breeders. They produce strains that are grower friendly. Strong, healthy, easy to care for plants with truly unique and beautiful aromas, taste, and high.  It’s truly a pleasure to grow. Barney’s farm has such a strong presence in this culture because of the quality of the product they produce. All you need is to find a good bank, and keep those seeds and seedlings happy. =)
    May we all enjoy the bounties, peace. 

  25. Custom avatar
    Reylan Mellinski says:
  26.     I ordered 10 LSD seeds by Barny’s Farm through Sensible Seeds, and I was very impressed that all 10 germinated perfectly. The LSD strand is one that I would recommend to anyone for easy maintenance and manageable size. The smoke had a nice mild chestnut flavour and the high was very relaxing….10/10 !!!!
    Reylan M.

  27. Custom avatar
    Bob says:
  28. Stay away from this breeder….I ordered the Pineapple chunk…..says it should be ready end of Sept….WRONG…Still hadnt finished by end of Oct….I had to start 2 different seeds because first one had some serious genetic problems which put me behind anyway….I just wasnt impressed with anything from them….I do have some of their 8 ball kush growing and it looks ok for now but we will see at the end how it actually turns out…..It had bretter do good or all three strains i ordered from them will be a bust

  29. Custom avatar
    Dave S says:
  30. Complete rip off! Chronic Thunder, G-13, Critical Kush, 100 percent male of the ones that germinated. 70percent popped. Ive been growing for 30 years and never been fucked over like Barneys garbage from Tiki Trading! Throwing stupid hat in trash also, my year is ruined!

  31. Custom avatar
    SILVERBACK says:

    • Custom avatar
      SILVERBACK says:
    • Looks to me that Barneys doesn’t care if seeds pop or not. Stay away

  33. Custom avatar
    Burley says:
  34. Noticed that your Dr. Grinspoon strain doesn’t have any reviews as yet so… here comes one now….The first review on this strain landed in the wrong area of this site so this’ll be edited a little but, the Dr. Grinspoon strain is a VERY strong one, not as “beady” as image dictates but is different & easy to distinct from others, the flowers are narrow, thick with frost & pistils that are “fire ant” red…very attractive. Production/Volume wasn’t too impressive but the quality is second to…VERY few. Hope this answers some unasked questions.

  35. Custom avatar
    DFWTreeTopFlyer says:
  36. OutStanding folks,,,Thankyou..they were all girls Liberty Haze is to die for….

  37. Custom avatar
    Dave says:
  38. Nice new web site….  www 

    • Custom avatar
      Conny says:
    • I would like to try them, but next year Dan and I will be heading west for the sumemr, so I will pass. I’d love to try them in the future, though! I think spreading the seed love is a good idea, I have lots of seeds from my habit, and won’t be using many next year thanks for the germ of an idea!

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