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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

One of the original seed companies based in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds gets great reviews for having some of the worlds best known marijuana strains such as White Widow, Cheese, Kush, Skunk and others. When you order from Amsterdam Pot Seeds you will get 20 free marijuana seeds with each purchase. They have an easy to follow order process and they contact you when your order ships. World wide shipping including the USA and Canada. Delivery takes about 1 to 3 weeks and is very stealthy. You will not even know where your product is located it is hidden so well.

Customers report fast customer service and above average germination rates. Feminized seed ratios of almost 100% with some hermaphrodites. They could offer more autoflowering strains and more medical marijuana strains for people who need marijuana for pain relief. They also offer an affiliate program for people who might have a cannabis website or who want to sell pot seeds online. It is not known if they have any coupons or discount promo codes for free marijuana seeds as they automatically give you 20 free when you buy from their online store.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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Rating: 2.1/5 (32 votes cast)

63 Reviews to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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    Nathan says:

    recommended AMS by a friend that had great service. hastily ordered my first ever order of this style of product. few days later out of curiosity i googled reviews for them. whoops!!!

    ordered 10 beans order confirmed and payment taken within a few hours which was great. thats where the greatness ended. that was 25 nov 2014. today is 26 feb 2015. countless emails to them with minimal information in return. happy to provide any and all correspondence with AMS to anyone interested that comments here with an email i will forward it all to. too much to simply post here. short version is:

    order was late possibly due to christmas rush. was told 10-15 budiness days. didnt come. tracking number provided in dutch not english with no translation provided. asked for an update after 15 days, was told could be 21 days. after 21 days was told to sit tight and watch “the green bar” on the postal website to show parcel status (in dutch).

    after approx 6 weeks of patiently waiting for my $200+ order, i asked to be provided with an accurate location or status of my order or a refund provided (paid extra at order time for garuntee delivery to australia) was told it was lost in transit theyd resend it. was resent the next day. that was 6 jan 2015. again told 15 business days. i waited a month patiently then emailed them yet again saying it had been over 6 weeks since they took my money, i wanted a refund.

    was told refund was provided and still 3 weeks on ive not received any parcel with my order OR my refund. emailed them again advising i hadnt received my refund and was told it was sent, its my banks fault. 

    all emails received from them have been short and neglected to address almost any of my questions or issues. no real help was provided other than generic instructions “watch the green bar” and them seemingly trying to shift the blame to anyone but them. no assistance at all in my opinion. 

    have since spoken to another acquaintance that had an equally terrible experience of his own some time in the past 6-12 months where first time he received his order but the product was total garbage. was resent his order only to never receive it… twice!!! even my friend that had the good experience with AMS, his beans had terrible germination rates, and was sent a new batch free of charge (definately not in a discrete manner the second time). end result was a great product but IMO not worth the risk or effort.

    due to my experience on my very first attempt at this field, i have since given up any attempts to test the green-ness of my thumb. which is a shame as i was really excited to try and had already begun purchasing other equipment in anticipation of the arrival of my beans…. yeah right. sold the equipment at another loss out of frustration. thanks a bunch AMS. you just ruined this little kids christmas.

    in a nut shell: overall terrible customer service. response times were quick each time, but thats like having aids kill you quickly – not really something thats any use to you if its fast OR slow. my personal experience with finished product was fantastic, but at what cost? and whats to say the same product from elsewhere wouldn’t have been the same or better? not to mention acquaintances product was allegedly rubbish. so who do you believe. 

    save your money, and headaches and find someone else that sends to aust. or buy clones for $20 which is what one bean costs anyway and not have to worry about any of this shit OR germination rates. grow that clone big and turn it into some make shift mother or find a grower that is about to throw out his males and take one of them for free, pollenate your own plant get your own seeds and try and germinate those home made seeds, and youd probably STILL be infront in terms of cost, time AND effort, as opposed to using AMS


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    ausauto says:
  4. just to clarify im not in anyway connected to the business other than being a satisfied customer

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    ausauto says:
  6. I have bought five diff times off theses guys . there communication is great . my second order went missing and did take 3 more trys to get to me , but it did get here . As a bonus they actually reshipped another of my orders that had arrived in the confusion . So out of 5 orders i received 6 shipments . i would go as far to say they r the most professional seed mob out there . All the seeds i have bought have germinated and grown so far . There free seeds are shit but oh well there free . Maybe its the way a grower approaches them to the result they get .

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    Anonymous says:
  8. +

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    ozziewicked says:
  10. I ordered my seeds here, and coz i live in austrailia it took a few weeks for i got em.
    Loved the service, like te price i paid for them and i`m wasted daily on the AK47 XTRM.
    10 seeds 10 plants! Awesome shit 

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