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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

One of the original seed companies based in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds gets great reviews for having some of the worlds best known marijuana strains such as White Widow, Cheese, Kush, Skunk and others. When you order from Amsterdam Pot Seeds you will get 20 free marijuana seeds with each purchase. They have an easy to follow order process and they contact you when your order ships. World wide shipping including the USA and Canada. Delivery takes about 1 to 3 weeks and is very stealthy. You will not even know where your product is located it is hidden so well.

Customers report fast customer service and above average germination rates. Feminized seed ratios of almost 100% with some hermaphrodites. They could offer more autoflowering strains and more medical marijuana strains for people who need marijuana for pain relief. They also offer an affiliate program for people who might have a cannabis website or who want to sell pot seeds online. It is not known if they have any coupons or discount promo codes for free marijuana seeds as they automatically give you 20 free when you buy from their online store.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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Rating: 2.0/5 (27 votes cast)

57 Reviews to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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    Brennan McCarthy says:
  2. I first tried paying with credit card, My credit card company would not do it, now I know why… So I went to “western union” followed the directions exactly as stated.  And now no response, no way to retrieve my $122.00 and an extra $2.00 to put include the order number which was paid. Now they just don’t respond.  I was skeptical, now $114 dollars later I’m convinced, it’s just a cheap website with exotic pictures of items that don’t exist.

  3. Custom avatar
    hvt5oka2 says:
  4. I’m just curious on if the site is safe to order from

  5. Custom avatar
    EazyTennessee says:
  6. Bro, you up there acting like your gonne go to the NL and “efff” up their lives sit down and shut your mouth son. you cant even say fuck. you used eff… your probably some rich spoiled lil bitch boi, and ive gotten my shit on time everytime and the frikken genetics are second to NONE……… This year i went with the newer AK47XTRM and they are right on target for projected height and everything, all fems were fems no hermies… so dood shut that fucking mouth up up there bad mouthin cause u aint shit. Im a 17 time felon, so I know when to talk shit and when not too…. And you are definitely just tooting your lil horn so shush that mouth…. These fucking AK47 XTRM are some of the best genetics I have EVER seen, I have never seen every leaf on a plant stand almost 180 degrees straight up and salute the sun. crybaby dood, im sure your order came and if it didnt good cause you dont deserve the shit. whiny rich punk. If I were AMS I wouldnt send you SHIIIYAAATTT So go to bed and wake up on fire whore…. lulz the interwebz…… loves me some interwebz, im sure the AMS team knows who eazy is in the appalachians bc i was a bit worried over my order and asked and the shit came unexpectedly, once it left the hands of the NL it wasnt being tracked and just showed…. your a punk that sits at home livin in mommies basement playin fuckin call of duty all day gettin “wasted man” 2 thumbs up for AMS. This has been a service Public Broadcast Announcement by me Eazy E From da TN CYAAAAAAAAAA Thanks AMS. Its August 15th, budding started a week ago, and in 7 days you can tell the harvest is going to be one for the record books. This one goes right and I get it harvested dried cured and sweetened just right in tha jars….. And yeah sorry all my pplz here in TN thats wantin a taste, gonna have to wait til mid december. I let my shit cure like wine. better taste, better aroma, better high, better feel. less crystal lost… and more crystal fusioned within the bud, I hang mine from 4-5 days whole plant , and if they arent quite ready another day or 2 just by branches… then I pop tha stems and know when its just right… let em dry a lil more in some plastic containers watchin the relative humidity and burping the containers… then start trimming final trim…. Then its mason jar time for atleast 2 weeks but i wanna go 3 weeks. AMS ROCKS. Fuckin dood up top you need your brown eye turned blue. PEAZ

  7. Custom avatar
    md says:
  8. I ordered seeds on july 28 2014 they sent an order shipped e mail on the 29th it is august 13 2014 and nothing yet but i say this if i get ripped off its going to be a problem. im from the us and everyone isnt hurting i will come to the netherlands and eff they life up if my order doesnt arrive here within the next week.  i have tried to contact them about a tracking number once about 3 days ago and again today. i am not in the business of being ripped off.  they dont know me but they will find out who i am if my order dont make it or if the seeds are garbage. or even if they dont live up to the free replacement of my order as i paid for guaranteed delivery.  i dont play about money period.

    • Custom avatar
      EazyTennessee says:
    • shutup bitch AMS IS THE REAL DEAL. Your shipment is on its way and I bet now you got the damn shipment if you didnt good fuck you bitch. like i said im a 17x felon i break bones bitch. shut that mouth

      • Custom avatar
        Cindy silva says:
      • The reason your in prison 17 times is cause your STUPID that’s all Amsterdam seeds center rips people off all the time , but if their good to you ,its because their low lifes who cant deal with professional people, I can tell you work for the company and they tell you to write this, cause your not out of prison enough to know anything ,ill bet your still a virgin  busy being in prison with all your boy friends, and what would you do with seeds ,your a 17 times loser ,not one person will take your word at all your a 17 time loser loser loser

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