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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

One of the original seed companies based in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds gets great reviews for having some of the worlds best known marijuana strains such as White Widow, Cheese, Kush, Skunk and others. When you order from Amsterdam Pot Seeds you will get 20 free marijuana seeds with each purchase. They have an easy to follow order process and they contact you when your order ships. World wide shipping including the USA and Canada. Delivery takes about 1 to 3 weeks and is very stealthy. You will not even know where your product is located it is hidden so well.

Customers report fast customer service and above average germination rates. Feminized seed ratios of almost 100% with some hermaphrodites. They could offer more autoflowering strains and more medical marijuana strains for people who need marijuana for pain relief. They also offer an affiliate program for people who might have a cannabis website or who want to sell pot seeds online. It is not known if they have any coupons or discount promo codes for free marijuana seeds as they automatically give you 20 free when you buy from their online store.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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0 Reviews to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

  1. Custom avatar
    Bob Onit says:
  2. Placed order using bitcoin, May 09,2016, and AMS has not sent my seeds, going on 2 days waiting for AMS to acknowledge payment even though bitcoin takes about a minute to pay. Bitcoin shows it paid, my invoice from AMS says my order is paid. Hey AMS where are my seeds???? WTF!!! 

  3. Custom avatar
    Sal Sativa says:
  4. I am AMAZED at:
    1, How fast my seeds were delivered.
    2, They were packaged well and clearly marked inside.
    3, out of 8 Seeds 4 Night Nurse & 4 Medijuana, all 8 Beens popped open. 

    I was extremely paranoid, even thought that I was “Ripped off” as there were so many other reviews claiming such. I kept the faith and I now have some happy seedlings.  Amid the bevy of negative reviews, IMHO some are just the Purchaser / growers own fault. I am happy for the service and (SO Far) great product.

    Thank you AMS, you made it easy and fast to get seeds in the USA. 

  5. Custom avatar
    Henry Lewis says:
  6. I ordered mid 2013 borderliner xtrm 10 seeds, took 4 weeks to arrive to Australia. got 30 free seeds. The Borderliner xtrm seeds looked very pale and not fresh. I planted 3 and all 3 came up in 3 days. Obviously these were fresh and just a pale seed in comparison to other varieties. (if not fresh they would have taken longer to germinate, I am a horticulturalist by trade and I have extensive experience with seed germination) very variable plants but kept the best one. it was fucking incredible! pulled 1 1/2 pound off each of this selected one and the smoke was the most wicked shit going round.  this de-generated with each generation off cutting, was only good for 4 cycles. The next time I put 3 in again and once again all three popped up and selected the best as all three plants were quite variable. this time the best one wasn’t as good as the original one but pulled a regular 1 – 1 1/4 pound and not as strong. did cuttings again for about 4 cycles and it degenerated quite fast. the last time I planted 4 seeds and all 4 came up again (so all ten were planted over 3 years and all ten came up so still quite viable, cannabis seed usually like most seed start to loose viability after the 5th year) this time all 4 were very variable 2 complete pieces of shit and 1almost ok and one that produced 50cm batons , not as filthy as the first crop but definitely a bigger producer . this thing will produce close to 2 pound a plant under a 600w light. I hope to get 4 cycles out of this puppy.
    I ordered again from ams this time borderliner xtrm, white widow xtrm and ak47 xtrm. they didn’t come so contacted them and they resent but these didn’t come either fuck it! they wanted my bank details but I just couldn’t be fucked giving over that information .
    I am disappointed that they don’t have a shop front so that I can go and collect the seeds and bring them back myself, I cannot find a retail shop that they supply. I have decided to go over to Europe and try different shops and hopefully find an ams distributor but if I don’t I will load up on other breeders goodies.
    My mate got the white widow xtrm and it was vary variable as well but what he has selected out of it has been awesome but not as strong as the borderliner xtrm. so if ams read this please have a retail outlet so they can be sourced by other means than just mail. Please Please Please
    oh yeah the 30 free seeds 2/3 looked ok the other 1/3 were dead or crushed and not going to try to germinate any as they are not feminized so don’t want to waste my time with them

  7. Custom avatar
    m.e says:
  8. Ive bought a couple of times and have had no problems at all. I laid a couple of free seeds down when the deal was 10 free and didnt think much of them, the 10 big bud fem i purchased on the same order were fine.
    The most recent order of 10 strawberry ice came with 5 free Bianca fem, so time will tell. 
     All in all happy with the service and quality, will try auto fem next, so if your listening, lololo…… 

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