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Ace Seeds

Ace Marijuana Seeds

Ace Seeds are an online marijuana seed dealer and breeder, carrying their own pot seed strains, and some others. They carry feminized, regular, and auto-flowering and some limited merchandise, they focus pretty intently on their cannabis seeds. They offer free pot seeds with every purchase, in very limited quantities, and they do ship all over the world. If they do not specifically ship to your country, they can be ordered through The Attitude Seed Bank.

Their breeders have collected very exotic marijuana strains from all over the world, even China, and offer many different types of strains of marijuana seeds, some pure, and some hybrid. They accept Visa and MasterCard, direct bank transfers and cash.

ace seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: Spain
  • Phone #:
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Payment Accepted: Within Spain bank transfer is accepted or cash-on-delivery payments. For international orders Western Union International Money Orders and international bank transfers are accepted.
  • Shipping: Worldwide.
    Delivery Times: 3-5 days for Spain.
    7-10 days for Balearic Islands/EU countries.
  • Notes: We do not ship to countries where possession or reception of seeds is forbidden.

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0 Reviews to Ace Seeds

  1. Dedicated servers says:
  2. Grass City is more of a bong shop than a marijuana seed bank, although they have recently increased their range.

  3. Lora says:
    I purchased 10 of the Orient Express seeds from Ace seeds, I have always wanted to smoke a Vietnamese strain, and this seemed like the most likely company to get Vietnamese genetics from. It is an F1, but very stable, 8 seeds germinated, and all grew to be short, bushy, highly productive girls. Because one of the parents was a landrace strain, they flowered quickly for a pure Sativa, very clear (no haze at all) and strong high that lasts a very long time. Definitely medical grade.  Excellent.

  5. My Seeds says:
  6. I ordered the Golden Tiger from Ace Seeds because it was so hard to get, and has such a great reputation within the marijuana seed community. Golden Tiger is a one hundred per cent Sativa that is a result of a three way cross, and is also an F1 hybrid. The seeds were stable (extremely) and all germinated, the smoke is extremely strong, but clear headed (not hazy at all) and positive. Great medical strain.

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